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When Gay Parents Are Bullied By Their Kids: What Would You Do?

We already know what happens when strangers witness parents berating their kids after coming out of the closet in a public place: often, nothing. Sometimes, something! But what about a gay parent who comes out to his kids? In a new What Would You Do? ABC segment, we find out.

The suggestion to turn the tables came from viewer Damen Sterling.

We decided to cast Matthew, who played the homophobic parent from the previous episode, into the role of the homosexual parent. We found one actor for whom this scenario hit close to home. Tyler, the actor who played our homophobic teen, told us, “Just so you know, I’m not homophobic at all, I was raised by two moms.”

Among the typical reactions besides ignoring the situation: asking the feuding father and son to quiet down, and take their issue outside. Because you’re really ruining their meal!

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