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When Gay Rights Go Wild: Canadian Edition!

Is this a new episode of Dateline: To Catch a Predator? No, but it might as well be. This is the Family Research Council’s horror film about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and it is spectacular!

The End of Religious Freedom in America? is, obvs, a must-see. It is scary, yo, and a damn good reason to bust out the Junior Mints! Previewed last week, the blog Good As You points us to clips of the entire series (complete with awesome point-by-point takedown).

We particularly enjoy the above clip, where Tony Perkins looks to Canada to show why America passing ENDA would basically turn this country into the lawless free-for-all that is our neighbor to the north.

Oh, and then there’s this one about ENDA’s “trickle down effect” that is going to endanger your children.


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  • Sigfrid

    Go CANADA!!!!!!

  • Will in Toronto

    So proud once again to be Canadian.

  • David K

    Sorry about your dystopian existence, America :(

  • eyesiq


    If they want government money, they can’t expect it to come with no strings attached. Receiving government funds basically means the government is sponsoring you, and a government who stands for religious, racial, sexual, ect. equality can’t bee seen as sponsoring organizations who’s mission is to discriminate against people based on whatever criteria and despite their qualification.

    There are plenty of gay christians out there and if these gay christians and the churches they go to can accept them, then I don’t see how hard it would be for christian colleges to be accepting and tolerant of gay christians working in their school. Honestly, they may be GAY but they are still CHRISITANS. That means they have essentially CHRISTIAN MORALS, CHRISITIAN ETHICS, CHRISTIAN WHATEVER.

    These people need to calm down or just get over the fact that the government represents more than just THEIR interests.

  • JD

    Wahh Wahh Wahh…We won’t be able to discriminate against the Gays anymore. Wahh Wahh Wahh…

    Suck it!

  • JD

    Oh, and queerty, these links suck! They take forever to load. I only saw a couple minutes of each…not that I need anymore…but better links next time please. Thanks.

  • Barb

    The editor guy they are speaking to in that first video is a flaming queen. Doesn’t anyone else sense that?

  • Jon (there are others)

    ugh, vimeo . . .I don’t even bother clicking on them anymore.

  • Franco

    Talk about zealotry. I’m Canadian, I live in Toronto and I am a proud Canadian. These two men are anti-progress and fail to understand that Canada is a multicultural society that respects people of all faiths, gender, sexual orientation, race and religion. Canada had the foresight to proclaim that discrimination against any group is unconstitutional and against the rule of law, which is to protect all individuals and to provide equal rights to everyone who wishes to live there life free of discrimination, repression and oppression.

    I’m sad that this type of propaganda and misinformation is prevalent in the United States.

  • Paschal

    Just so everyone knows, Peter Sprigg is the man who said that gay sex should be a crime. He’s crazy.

  • Cam

    Two issues here

    1. Life Site News…who Perkins does the interview iwth is the website of the “Campaign Life Coalition”. An organization dedicated to anti-abortion views and the opposition of gay rights. They never make this clear, they try to act like they are speaking to a non-biased news source.

  • Raymond Miller

    I love being Canadian. This is HILARIOUS.

    “Hi, our rights to be bigots are being trampled! We want our freedom to trample the rights of others!”

    Get over it. :D

  • Cam

    Sorry, second issue is, they seem to forget that U.S. free speech and freedom of religeon laws are different than Canada.

  • cyberdoogi

    Any funding from government comes with strings. They are teaching the next generation of bigots with our taxes. The god botherers need get over it and join us in the 21st century.

  • alejandro

    this was realy annoying to hear. like that “canadian” guy should go move to the states if he’s not happy. i love being canadian and he’s just retarded.

  • TommyOC

    @alejandro: It’s interesting that in one breath, Canadians are proud of their diversity, and in the next suggest people of alternate thoughts (even bigoted ones) “move to the states.”

    You can’t claim inclusiveness if you don’t include the people who don’t want inclusiveness. As contradictory as that sounds, it is the truth.

    At least Americans own up to their internal strife and occasional craziness. We defend the rights of our crazies to say what they please. Canadians seem to treat their crazies like they don’t exist… which is hole-in-the-sand-style thinking.

  • Hyhybt

    Is it really too much to ask that, when you post a video, you include a summary of its contents?

  • Pat

    How terrible for you Canadians. Your hateful church organizations are allowed to fire gay people when the “decide” to become gay, and they aren’t even allowed to write hate-filled rants based on some garbage written 5,000 years ago? What next, you won’t be allowed to tell women they can’t leave the kitchen or tell your daughter she can’t date a black dude? Wow, your freedoms are all gone now, so sad.

  • TheJaylyne

    GO CANADA!!!! I love being canadian and would not want to be anything but.

  • Ted C.

    I watched that whole video. Wow.

    These people are confusing “being a Christian” with “being an asshole”.

    If ENDA passes, they’ll figure out to be Christian without being an asshole. It’ll be good for them.

  • adman

    Our USA has been undermined by the tax free christian nationalists, they are coming for your credentials, your legitimate standing in the workplace and at home, and they don’t even know that is the end game in their agenda! This is what superstitious propaganda legitimized as a racket by the feds (thanks Bush) creates. Miseducation for fun and profit, because it’s “moral”. I want to see some of the GLBt christian apologists come out of the woodwork on this thread. Well?

  • jeffree

    The religious right & the teapartiers hate Canada due to its many antidiscrimination laws, its clearer seperation of Church & State — plus OH let’s not forget, stricter regullations of firearms. I’m gonna skip the healthcare topic for now.

    The potential for ENDA to pass is suddenly gripping the attention of the rabid rightwing blogs, simply because it affects so many millions of US people & spills over into fears about kids being exposed to LGBT teachers, daycare workers, doctors, etc.

    Being honest, ENDA’s enactment is more important to me personally than repeal of DADT. I fully support repeal of DADT, as you will see on any DADT thread, and I hope that both actions clear Congress. I’m also pessimistic either will happen.

    Ive worked 3 jobs where the boss openly made homophobic jokes or statements. I have lived in fear for 8 yrs that i could be fired even if anyone thought i was gay.

    this is a crappy way to live for me & millions of US citizens. The bigots creating these ads & campaigns are well funded & have lots of influence in congress. We have fancy dinners and lobbyists who can’t seem to do much 2 help working people from getting fired. The dice are loaded against us.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    This video is a lie. ENDA’s religious exemptions explicitly state that religious schools are not subject to ENDA. Nice try.

  • adman

    @Aaron in Honolulu: Exactly. What part of right-wing religious propaganda don’t these people get? C’mon, it’s 2010, isn’t white guys telling lies for the conservative audience the coin of the realm now? Sometimes I get on Queerty and it feel like watching romperroom.

  • jeffree

    ENDA’S hot now. With DADT’s repeal probably off the table, the religious right realizes that ENDA affects millions of Americans and will “force” their innocent children to be exposed to lgb teachers, doctors & preachers !

    The scare tactics are coming fast & furious as the fundamentalist blogosphere shows. Its a rallying cry to drive funding of anti-ENDA lobbying.

    They’re misrepresenting the actual Act to play on their followers’ worst fears, and picked Canada as the nightmare scenario because of that nation’s laws on GOD (seperation of church & state), GAYS (anti discrimination laws), And GUNS (stricter regulations.)

    oh their hatered of the Canadians’ “communist” healthcare is wrapped in there too!

  • Ken S

    “Will this turn us into– {gasp!} CANADA???”

    You should be so lucky :-P

  • Michael vdB

    My goodness. Not only I am gay but Canadian too. The blight on society I have become. AND I am married with KIDS!!! The horror….

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