When His Roommate Wouldn’t Bottom, Hasibul Rehman Killed Him With A Smashed Bottle Over The Head

In 2007, India’s Hasibul Rehman smashed a bottle over the head of his friend and roommate Tarikul, killing him. Why? Because, according to prosecutors, Tarikul resisted Hasibul’s sexual advances, and Hasibul wasn’t having it. A court in New Delhi just sent Hasibul to prison for life.

It was an attempted rape turned murder, PTI reports.

A person with homosexual tendencies, Rehman tried to sodomise Tarikul on the night of February 10-11, 2007 while sleeping in their common residence, said the prosecution. They added that Tarikul, however, fiercely resisted Rehman’s sexual advances, resulting in a quarrel between the two. Nearly a week later on February 19, the prosecution said Rehman attacked Tarikul in the middle of the night with a soft drink bottle in the room where they were sleeping with their other friends, Jamirul, Mansoor and Jariful.

Jamirul, Mansoor and Jariful had later told the police that they woke up to the cries of Tarikul, who was bleeding profusely from his head while Rehman ran from the spot leaving behind the broken soft drink bottle with which he had hit the victim. They rushed Tarikul to hospital but he succumbed to his injuries the same night.

In his defence, Rehman had contended that he had a quarrel with the victim and other companions as they used to abuse his father. He also said that he had vacated the room after the quarrel and was implicated in the case.

Raise your hand if you believe all the facts in the case were accurately interpreted by the court.