When Is a ‘Tasting Sausages’ Remark Not a Snide Sex Joke? On Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing, the original British version of Dancing With The Stars, is as much of a ratings success as it is in the U.S. So when contestant Paul Daniels, a celebrity magician, told openly gay judge Craig Revel Horwood not to give up “his day job tasting sausages” after the judge tore into his performance and ended up giving him 2 out of 10 points. So viewers started bitching, because how dare Daniels made such a snide remark about Revel Horwood smoking dick. Except maybe it wasn’t a sex joke after all?

Revel Horwood is helping promote November’s British Sausage Week, which is launches on November 1. And Daniels has been the public face of the pro-pork event in the past.

Naturally, the pair headed to Twitter to scream at the media for making a story out of nothing. Daniels: “Media this morn trying to make me homophobic. Crazy. Why do journos and editors want to live in a nasty world of their own creation.” Revel Horwodd: “Paul Daniels was naturally referring to my being crowned King of the Sizzle for sausage week!”

Or, uh, it was a combination of the two?