When It Came To Putting Things In His Butt, Steven Tyler Preferred Heroin To Penises

Now that we’re beginning to hear details about Steven Tyler’s new memoir “Does the Noise In My Head Bother You?” the book seems more and more appealing. For one, the Aerosmith frontman turned American Idol judge has been in rehab eight times, spent over $20,000 on drugs, and snorted a majority of it off of his band’s bass speakers. He also used to shoot heroin “up his butt” and even tried gay sex (at least) once: “Gay sex just doesn’t do it for me. I tried it, but just didn’t dig it.” Oh Steven, we’re glad you walked that way! Just know this: when it comes to drugs and anal sex, the quality of your dealer makes all the difference.

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  • scott ny'er

    i’m digging Steven more and more. Love this guy.

  • dvlaries

    Some sex lives you just don’t want to imagine and Tyler’s is right up there with Rosie O’Donnell’s…

  • Cam

    I’m guessing that the amount he spent on drugs was far more than $20,000.

  • UWSguy

    ugh I hope he was wearing a bag (on his head) when he got fucked.

  • katya

    im sure he spent way more than $20,000 on sex too.. If youve got a lot of money you’ll hopefully spend a lot of it on both?

  • Jeffree

    Um, I don’t want to be the one to say it but sometimes when you purchase drugs, the sex comes along with it as a package deâl !

    And Professor Tyler should be reminded there are several ways to have gay sex. I’m sure Peter LaBarbera would be happy to explain that & more!

  • mattsy


  • jason

    Well at least he’s not like the members of KISS who completely deny having had any same-sex experiences. Let’s at least give him credit for that.

  • Fitz

    20,000? For an addict?? that’s chump change for an addict!! That HAS to be a typo.

  • robert in NYC

    I always thought he was gay, but the fact that he has children doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not, or that he’s straight either. A lot of closeted bi men marry and have kids and still deny they’re bi or gay. Saying that he didn’t dig it after one alledged experiment with men doesn’t cut it for me. It means nothing and doesn’t prove anything.

  • Shannon1981

    Steven Rocks. Can’t wait to get his book.

  • jason

    Robert In NYC,

    I would say that almost all men are bisexually oriented to varying degrees. However, many of these men choose to hook up with women only, and thus call themselves straight.

  • robert in NYC

    Jason, its possible for sure but who really knows? As long as they don’t vote against our equality, I can live with it, its when they don’t, then I am at odds with them, big time.

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