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  • MAWM

    Chris Geidner is an Obama propagandist and a sell out to the gay community.

  • A Columbus Guy

    @MAWM: I’ve been an acquaintance of Chris’s for years and you are absolutely right. We no longer are friendly exactly because of what you describe.

  • fredo777

    The Mattchew dude is cute.

  • latebrosus

    Oh, no. Another usage problem in the making:

    hawk: to advertise merchandise
    “I wonder if would allow me to hawk my cute geeky T-shirts.”

    hock: to sell one’s belongings due to dire financial straits
    “I going to have to hock my Threadless T-shirts because I’m running low on ramen.”

  • Tristan

    Geidner is a hack and an Obama apologist.

    And he’s barely qualified at best, going from boring long winded blog posts defending Obama to boring long winded MW articles defending Obamq. And sorry Geidner but your anonymous White House quote claiming they were not stopping Congress from voting on DADT … How is that working out?

    Oh and his voice 8 octaves higher than Sean Hayes. Good luck trying to get on Maddow and NPR girl.

  • Dalton

    Geidner is a tool and a flyover queen that thought he was the smartest thing in … Columbus???

    I wish he’d stop ingratiating and flirting with everyone on tool, and quoting hacks like Ambinder and Capehart. But he’s perfect for Obama groupies, they like over ambitious queenie nerds who think they are brilliant.


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