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When Schools Are Too Dumb to Realize Being Gay Has Nothing to Do With Sex


From the state that’s trying to make Harvey Milk Day an official part of the calendar comes word that sixth grader Natalie Jones was prohibited from presenting a report on the slain civil rights leader. You know, because that would mean an entire classroom would have to be subjected to the words “gay” and “homosexual”! But then a little organization called the ACLU found out about it, turned on the fan, and starting shoveling poo into it.

AP: “[Mt. Woodson Elementary School in Ramona] Principal Theresa Grace concluded last month that the subject of the girl’s project triggered a district policy requiring parents to be notified in writing before their children are exposed to lessons dealing with sex, according to [ACLU San Diego legal director David] Blair-Loy and Natalie’s mother.” So now the ACLU is threatening to sue if they don’t realize their First Amendment blunder and rectify this sitch. More: “After the principal sent letters to alert parents about the “sensitive topic,” Natalie was allowed to give her 12-page PowerPoint report during the May 8 lunch recess, but not in class, Blair-Loy said. Eight of the 13 students in her class attended, he said. In a letter to the Ramona Unified District on Wednesday, the ACLU demanded that school officials apologize to Natalie and clarify its sex education policy. It also wants the girl to be given the chance to present her biographical account of Milk’s life and death in class. ‘It’s not about sex, it’s not about sex education. It’s a presentation about a historical figure who happened to be gay,’ Blair-Loy said.”