When Should A Go-Go Boy Call It Quits? For This Web Series’ Sake, We Hope Never.

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The trailer for Jimmy Fowlie’s hilarious Go-Go Boy Interrupted is out today, and we’re as excited as ever to see what nonsensical trouble Danny, his lead character, lands himself in.

With his failed attempts at babysitting and AA behind him, the upcoming season will see Danny continue his quest to try and reclaim his former glory in West Hollywood’s gay scene. He’ll explore the possibilities of doing gay porn, give dating a try and make an effort to broaden his horizons by listening to NPR.

The cast of the first season will return along with new additions such as comedienne Fortune Feimster, Broadway star Nick Adams and Willam Belli.

Check out the clip below:

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  • NateOcean

    I can’t wait for the next season.

    My favorite scene from last season, “at my condo in Sherman Oaks”.

    Nothing like that ever happened to me. Seriously, never.

  • MarionPaige

    there is a television network for every three people in America. Comcast was handing out tv networks to people so it could get approval for a merger. And yet,

    Crap like SNL ends up on tv and innovative stuff like “Go-Go Boy Interrupted” is self produced on youtube. Jimmy Fowlie told a story of how HBO was lukewarm to Go-Go Boy because it already had a gay show – Looking.

    BTW … I’m pretty sure Jennifer Lopez has a cable network. It just seems “odd” pitching a tv show to a broadcast tv network when you own your own cable network.

  • Mark DeVisser

    Remember Blondie at the Clairemont Lounge in Atlanta! She’s like 900 years old!

  • Idunno

    A go-go boy should not be on stage once he becomes 30 years of age!

  • Glücklich

    Jimmy Fowlie sure is a sexy little thing. “Go-Go” is the only thing I’ve seen him in so I don’t know anything about him but wouldn’t it be funny if he were some big-time thespian off-screen, à la Karen Black?

  • David Gervais

    There’s a lot of men over 30 I’d love to see dancing up close.
    Not everyone is into guys so young they aren’t fully formed yet.

  • i43neile

    @Idunno: I disagree. There is a market for daddy types. I’d “go” for one.

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