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When Straight Characters Play Gay to Save the Day

Fauxmosexuals are men who go straight-for-play, whether that play is heroism, punchlines, or getting some ass (from women). Hollywood writers have a history of turning straight characters gay on sitcoms and terrible movies, or whenever there needs to be a terrible joke about maxi pads.

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  • fredo777

    i didn’t mind chuck + larry; i just thought the original aussie film (strange bedfellows) was better.

    also, “straight-for-play”? was that a typo?

  • AlwaysGay

    Very funny and very true.

  • jason

    This is a sign of how bad things have gotten for gay and bisexual men. If the best Hollywood can do is show us as punch-lines or phonies, what hope is there for us? Hollywood is so fucking retarded, it’s not funny.

    I partly blame the GLBT community in America for failing to criticize Hollywood homophobia. You’ve been sucked into this idea that Hollywood is on our side when it clearly isn’t.

  • TonyD

    Welcome to the world of the ethnic minority- we’re the heterosexual white man’s side kick, with the funny zingers, that never gets laid on TV or in movies; wait, I’m Latino and gay…double fucked. =/

  • AxelDC

    Why is “cock” a bleepable word? Do they have determine if they are talking about penises or roosters?

  • alan brickman

    Why are gays compaining? It’s usually gay writers writing this crap in the first place!!!

  • Jeremy

    @TonyD: I’m Asian and gay. That’s triple fucked. The closest Asians being cool in Television are probably George Takei and Ken Jeong.

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