When ‘Successful’ Gay Celebrities Go Back To High School With a Message For Bullied Kids

There’s the It Gets Better Project. Then came the Make It Better Project. And now there’s The Homecoming Project, where “successful gay adults” return to their high schools to tell kids that, hey, gay kids can be something.

THP, from the organization Live Out Loud, isn’t actually new, but it is poignant. With Dustin Lance Black as its most public face so far, the above video was uploaded in March chronicling the screenwriter’s 2009 return to North Salinas High School in California’s Central Valley. (Live Out Loud’s press release insists it’s a “new short video premiering online today,” but whatever.)

So many projects, I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got homework. But I do love the idea of “successful” queers, whatever that means, returning to their hometowns to speak directly to LGBT youth who might be struggling. Oh, and to the bullies currently tormenting them with the message that it gets worse. Like ex-GLAAD president Neil Giuliano.