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When the Parents of Bullied School Kids Fail Their Children

Something suggests that most talk show hosts were either bullied in school, or were bullies. As Wendy Williams says here, she was bullied in school. Oprah? Sure. Then there’s folks like Jimmy Kimmel, who we imagine were the bullies. And as we continue pointing to school administrators not doing enough, sometimes the parents aren’t even on their kids’ side, as Wendy says of her own life.

Some notable exceptions, of course, include Jaheem Herrera’s mom Masika Bermudez, who seems just fantastic.

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  • Joey

    I quite honestly don’t think this chick has an effin clue. It seemed to be to be half-hearted and almost like a joke.
    I’m sorry, I respect all educators…but guess what. You’re over-worked and under-paid…get over it. Thats the profession you chose. Your job, among educating, and to provide a safe environment for children to learn. When administraion doesn’t do dick about harrassment or bullying…the blodd is surely on their hands, and of the children doing the bullying, and of the parents of said bully children.

    Teach your god-damned snot-nosed, stuck-up, shitfaced little bastards some fucking common decency and respect for other humans. This is what America is coming down to folks. The future “leaders” of our country are bullying classmates to suicide. Classy. Every parent of every last school bully should be held accountable for their childs actions to the fullest extent of the law.

  • jimmy

    Her voice sounds like sarah palin

  • Michael

    There’s a huge difference in being bullied for being black and being bullied for being gay when it comes to the parents’ responsibility. Black parents will be there with open arms while, usually, parents of gay kids rarely tell their children it will be OK with them if they’re homosexuals. I don’t recall being a black male youth making one ten times more likely to commit suicide nor I do I recall seeing stats which state black male youth make up over half of the youth suicides. Programs, such as this talk show, that ignore the Big Ape in the room are definitely a part of the problem with our society. I saw an article on CNN.com which showed 5 boys who had killed themselves and they were obviously gay but the article never once mentioned this aspect.

  • San

    I really like Wendy. And its great she talked about bullying. Sometimes parents don’t understand, and when they are told by school administrators that their child is a bully, many of them deny it and are belligerent.

    or when they find out their kid is the one being bullied, many downplay it and tell them that it’ll pass and its not a big deal – for too many kids it is a big deal! they kill themselves, develop eating disorders etc. good for Wendy. i don’t think she was making a joke about it. she was bullied herself.

  • Jeremy

    I was heavily bullied from elementary to high school. People called me “sissy”, “scabies kid” (even I didn’t have it), and do all the cruelest things to make my life miserable. When I had no choice but to tell my parents about the bullies in school, my mom didn’t say anything to the school about those kids, she just told me to “endure it”. Jeez, no wonder why I don’t want to be close with her.

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    No parent or kid cares unless it causes trouble or drama for themselves. Thats a flash fact.

  • jeffree

    The bullies gang up on anyone they see as “different” or “weak.” The difference between the kid who is /may be gay, or the Black or Hispanic kid is that:

    **when the Black/ Latino kid goes crying & bruised to his/ her parents saying that s/he got beat up, those parents understand the racism & will possibly talk with the school 2 prevent more attacks

    **when the gay or learning disabled kid [i was both] gets beat up, the parents *blame* it on the kid, that kid hears “Don’t act like such a fagg” or “study a little more , retard!” and so gets blamed 4 getting the shhit kicked out of him/ her.

    Big difference.

  • Phoenix (Still A Rainbow Warrior)

    Most parents are ineffectual and weak when it comes to bullying. They spout bullshit like “Ignore them and they’ll move on to somebody else” and “Sticks and stones…” but seldom do anything. My mother at first stared at me with slack-jawed dis-belief when I repeated some of the things said (“Well, I never, my goodness, back in my day, children would never use language like that..”) and then went to the teacher to complain even though I told her the kids were doing it in front of the teachers. Then she went to the school board thinking the wretched teacher would be fired for incompetence and the nasty children all expelled (bwaa, ha, ha, ha, ha!). Nope. Thankfully I grew up with multiple older sibling and from an early age learned how to take a punch so I figured, “Fuck it, next time one of the little assholes tries something, I’m going to go spider monkey on their asses. The worse thing that could happen is I get expelled and I don’t give a fuck if I ever go back to that school”.

    Using somebody as a scratching post, scalping, biting, groin kicks no matter the gender of your opponent, and the Ninja-like ability to turn any object into a weapon will make bullies slink back into the wood work very quickly.

  • jeffree

    @Phoenix (Still A Rainbow Warrior): Heck yeah! About fifth grade I got enrolled in martial arts classes –paid 4 by a gay step uncle — & i learned how 2 fight back –without leaving marks :-D I didnt have 2 dislocate 2 many shoulders before me & my fellow stooopid/ gay kids stopped getting picked on !

  • paul


    The problem is that the parents aren’t teaching there kids to be more clever, teach your kids to fight back with intelligence, have little one on one sessions with your kids or run scenarios with your kids to practice how to deal with bullying.

    or Sign into law that you can serve community service for bullying lol

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