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When Vermont Gets Gay Marriage Tomorrow, It’ll Arrive With … A Whimper?


Beginning tomorrow, Vermont will be known for more than its maple syrup, as gay marriage becomes legal and pushes out that staid civil union thing. Except while other states are clamoring for same-sex marriage rights, Vermont is posed to welcome the new rights with a yawn

But don’t expect the hullabaloo that came with 2000’s civil marriages: “The Associated Press surveyed several town clerks and found only a handful of licenses have been issued for gay marriages in the month of September, nothing like the rush seen around civil unions in 2000. But gay marriage advocates say there’s an easy explanation for that.”

ZOMG! Do Vermont gays, despite having their own gay ice cream, not want to get gay married?!

Actually, they do. They just don’t want to muck up their anniversaries. “Greg Trulson, a Duxbury Justice of the Peace who says he has several gay marriages lined up, said, ‘What I have found, that a lot of the gay marriages that I’m officiating now starting after September first are other civil unions that I have officiated in the past. And they’re coming back to get married — and what we’re finding is they’re coming back on the day of their civil union, to keep the same day for their marriage.'”

But what about the weddings and receptions? Will Vermont’s law taking effect tomorrow bring big money to the wedding biz this year? Sorry, no; Vermont’s gays already had their big parties, and budgets are thin, y’all.