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When Will GLAAD’s Playground Bullying of The View End?

Oh I kid! We love this stuff around here! With a full-page ad (PDF) in the Hollywood trade Variety, GLAAD is continuing its assault on ABC’s The View, where the incredibly misinformed commentariat has a platform to say dumb things about gays.

It’s at least Phase 2, maybe Phase 3 — who’s counting? — of GLAAD’s campaign against the show.

After reaching out and failing to score a public apology from the network, GLAAD called on its members to email the show. That hasn’t worked. So now it’s time to see if Hollywood, particularly the A Gays who run the town, will take notice and pressure the network.

Variety, meanwhile, is just happy to have somebody taking out full-page ads.

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  • James Davis

    Good, I say keep the pressure on. Sherri Shepherd needs to understand just how damning her comments were and continue to be. A nice suspension from the show for a month would do her good.

  • Timothy Williams

    I’m more concerned about Queerty’s flippant response but since it involves black people probably shouldn’t be surprised. Carry on…

  • Lamar

    @Timothy Williams: I’m black myself and don’t think that Queerty is really being racist. Personally, I don’t care whether Shepherd is Black, White, Chinese or whatever a homophobic misinformed bitch is still a homophobic misinformed bitch. I applaud GLAAD’s efforts for combating the spread of irrational fear of gays.

  • L.

    Wanting people to get correct info on such important matters is “bullying”?!?

  • Michael @

    SAAD er GLAAD is a pathetic joke. Has been for years or crap like this wouldn’t still be happening in 2010.

    Do you see anyone on “The View” blaming any other minority group for some evil?

  • Scott from CA

    Um, Variety gets full page ads all the time…especially during awards season. Don’t know why that weird little insult was added.

  • Real Talk NYC

    I am quite astonished that GLAAD has challenged the statisitics given by the host(s) for ‘The View.’ But obviously, despite being self-proclaimed liberals due to their sexuality preference, nevertheless, these advocates are very misinformed, non-cultured, and highly uneducated about the relationship dynamics in the Black community. NEWSFLASH! Many African-Americans, as well as Mormans supported the ban on same sex marriages (Prop 8) in the state of California. Electing a Black President was not going to disuade their ‘homophobic views or prejudices.’ There is NO Black Ellen Degeneres. Queen Latifah still remains a ‘closeted’ lesbian. Why do you suppose that is so? It’s not uncommon for a Black male to lie to the CDC as to how he became infected with HIV/AIDS. Essence magazine, and not to mention prominent African-American writers have written/published many books and articles on this subject. Where was GLAAD?

    Oh, but I get it, Essence isn’t as mainstream as “The View.” We do not want to offend our Caucasian viewers and give them a distorted view on homosexuality as a whole. I am a Black heterosexual woman who supports gay rights & same sex marriages. But you know what, I think GLAAD is fraudulent, hypocritical and biased.

    And no, I do not support The View!

  • MarySue

    presumably they mean African American heterosexual and bisexual women

  • Bobby C.

    I, a very critical person toward GLAAD, applaud them and applaud them *loudly* for this.

    Sherri Shepard, and The View, but more specifically Shepard has gotten away far too many times for far too long with misinformed, calculating, insulting but more offensively…INACCURATE statements toward our community and frankly, what it means to be gay. This latest hurled attack did far more harm than expressing simple ideology. It catagorized AIDS as a gay disease. It preached your remedy from the disease is your distance from gay intamcy (what a HORRIFIC claim). It promoted the isolation of gay men donating blood to a cause that can save lives…and did so with absolutely no evidence nor logical clarity.

    Shepard pulled the very same act (with the backing of Hasselback) regarding the gay marriage vote in California where she, on a near daily basis spread falsehood about her priest and Church members being sued over the possibility of that ballot passing, even when many a individuals informed her that is not what that proposition would mandate. That the Church would also be protected. She simply did not care and wanted to paint gays with her homophobic brush…sadly, she is the exposure some in this country have to gay causes and it’s high time someone put her and the show that gave her a platform in their place and said we will NOT stand for it anymore!

    Again…GLAAD, stand up job! (and you don’t often hear those words being mustered up by me)

  • Jin Lee

    I was watching this horrible gag reflex of a show last year when they were discussing The Advocate magazines cover article “gay is the new black” I think it was and Sherri Shepherd verbatim said “Gays don’t suffer for being gay. They don’t get denied this and that, or beat” my jaw literally hit the floor and my fist my television. I was shocked a person so dumb could be paid to be a television personality. a person I truly had never heard of before that run in that uneventful day. upon further research, mainly on you tube I realized this person didn’t know whether the planet was round or flat. I really do wonder how she has this job, but more so, how a show that employs someone of her “esteemed caliber” can still be on television.

  • AntonioLatino

    @Bobby C.: Agreed with everything you said but what is more is Shepherd started her career right in West Hollywood (I would know, I attended a few shows) where it was Weho gays who fawned over her extremely vulgar and downright raunchy comedy act where she would go into graphic detail about sexual encounters with men. Then it was Ellen Degeneres in 2004 who frequently invited Sherri on her show who put this woman on the map. since then, the ignorant and proud bigot has gone on to say the moment her son puts a woman article of clothing on is the moment he is on the streets. That gay marriage is asking society to change it’s values. That she never understand what pride parades celebrate. Not to mention, lambasted Lambert for weeks, far more so than Elizabeth, and wouldn’t give up on his performance on AMA’s all while professing her love for Janet “Nipples” Jackson every waking moment. I do agree this latest ignorant blooper took the cake and I also am happy GLAAD isn’t just glading turning a blind eye to it and seem as frustrated with her as many of us have been for the past few years. My husband actually makes me turn it off everytime this show airs because of her.

  • Tim

    @Real Talk NYC: Your drivel made no sense. You’re on a gay blog talking about why we should support NOT being allowed to donate blood. And don’t turn this into a black issue…it’s a gay one, where WE are being denied our rights and insulted and discriminated. Go spew your nonsense elsewhere honey. Your Sherri ain’t getting any love on this train booboo!

  • Tim

    and before I get told I’m racist. Black as a mofo here! but have a responsibility to educate and correct peeps in my community when their asses are being dumb and ignorant. Sherri can go suck it, as can any idiot that defends that idiot.

  • Jason_Activist

    GLAAD is irrelevant.

  • RyanAM

    Thank you GLAAD! Great call and great call to action.

  • Michelle

    I hope this is just a sign of more accountability this show will be faced with, specifically in regards to our cause. Far too often they have gotten away with Shepard’s calculated and false claims as an expert on all things gay without so much a rebuttal and it’s refreshing to see GLAAD- or any orginization- give them that. I hope this program is set to higher standards than being allowed to spew as they wish without facts and concrete information.

  • ewe

    She is a stupid bitch. AIDS is a virus and it does not matter one freagin iota if a HIV negative man sleeps with another HIV negative man as many times as they want and then goes and fucks his wife. That scenario will still equal HIV negative. She is a stupid bitch and she must be silenced through ridicule as an ignorant cunt.

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