When You Think of Diversity and Reaching Across the Aisle, Do You Think of Rick Warren?

Oh god, do we find ourselves agreeing with former IRAA chief Hilary Rosen? On AC360 last night, the lesbian lass made the case against Barack Obama welcoming noted homophobe Pastor Rick Warren on Inauguration Day — making similar points to the ones we made earlier. And it goes like this: Argue all you want about Obama inviting Warren as a showing of the incoming president’s “diversity” and “embracing everyone across the aisle,” but there are some things you just don’t do, and that’s invite the spewers of hate speech to an event that’s supposed to usher in change in America. Rick Warren is not change. Rick Warren is a bigot, and it’s shameful that Obama would even consider allowing him to stand beside him, let alone extend an invitation.

As Robert Zimmerman notes, Warren uses “faith to preach fear.” That is not the America we decided on when we elected Obama. That is not the America we forecast Obama taking part in.

And as for pundit Roland Martin‘s argument about Warren somehow showcasing diversity in America? That we must somehow honor and respect those who want to keep civil rights out of the hands of every human being? It’s a farce, and Martin should know better. Some Americans still think blacks should be slaves, Hispanics are lazy scum, and Jews are greedy backstabbers.

Should we welcome them on Inauguration Day to usher in “change”?