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When Your 8-Year-Old Daughter Asks You About The Gay Birds + Bees

Julia Sweeney shares what happened when her eight-year-old daughter insisted on having The Sex Talk with mom while enjoying some Thai food. But the real fun began when they got home, and Julia suggested they start poking around the Internet rather than be forced to explain how males and females produce babies. Wait until the end when her daughter starts asking about how they gays do it. (This whole thing is worth watching, so take a seat!) [via]

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  • mark snyder

    She’s a great athiest speaker. I think she makes up a lot of her stories becuase that’s her background – improve and acting. But still love it.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I’ve never LOL’d this much in a while! Awesome video.

  • GetBalance

    I kept thinking, “is this subject still full of spineless nervousness as if we’re still deboarding the Mayflower”? Took the humor right out of it for me. Like grow up already, it’s only been several hundred years.

  • Richard in DC

    That was hysterical!!!!!! Laughed so hard!

  • CPT_Doom

    I am crying right now and my neighbors probably think I’ve lost my mind. I loved her on SNL and I love this!

  • Jeffree

    I dodged the bullet when my nephew asked me the same question. I’ll never be uncle of the year, because I told him to ask his parents. I regret that answer, but sort of made up for it afterwards when I made sure he got the answers he needed.

    Julia Sweeney had a one-woman show a few years ago which was a mixture of sharp comedy & some not-so-funny tales about ageing & illness. There are copies floating about out there I’m sure.

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