Where Can L.A. Gays Drop $20 Now That Sunset Junction Is Dead?

It looks like the L.A. Board of Public Works has served the Sunset Junction Street Fair a final, fatal bitch slap and forced the cancellation of the long-running gay-friendly festival, so many gay Angelenos find themselves without any plans for the weekend.

And to think, you were so excited to hear Hanson perform “Mmmbop!”

How should L.A. gays spend the $20 they planned to fork over for access to the festival grounds (a.k.a a cordoned-off section of Sunset Boulevard)?  Our sister site, GayCities.com,has complied ten ways to have a great time this weekend for just two sawbucks. Go over and check it out: You never know when you might find yourself in L.A. with lots of time and not a lot of cash.

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