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Where Did Ex-Rep. J.D. Hayworth Read About Man-Horse Intimacy In MA’s Marriage Ruling? Great, Unanswerable Question!

J.D. Hayworth is the ex-congressman jerk who, in his fight against Sen. John McCain for his U.S. Senate seat, thought branding Massachusetts’ same-sex marriage laws as the gateway drug to man-horse marriage would be a wise call. Now which is more stupid: Making that comment, or thinking showing up on Rachel Maddow to discuss it would be a good idea?

In the interview, they squabble over the phrase “establishment of intimacy,” a phrase the Massachusetts Supreme Court used — according to Hayes. Not according to Maddow. Either way, Hayworth is dragging the phrase to the extreme, about how horse owners might feel intimacy towards their horses, and how, under some ludicrous interpretation of the law, man and equestrian animals will get hitched.

Hayworth calls the difference in their reading of the law a “disagreement about that,” which is our new way of branding “factual inaccuracies.” Yahoo!

(Click here to watch the whole interview, which began with Maddow calling out Hayworth for his “supposed” non-involvement in the Jack Abramoff scandal.)

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  • brandon

    Oh my God, that is the ugliest man I have ever seen. Kinda funny that he has such aspirations with his horse, but it is no wonder with a mug like that.

  • Eric

    what a smug asshole!

  • Mike L.

    He looks like some cartoon villain in fact I’m certain I’ve seen some sort of cartoon character with those same facial features he has.

    Also he looked so fake and stupid.

  • EWE

    I do not think it makes any sense at all for Maddow to wish this animal luck in his campaign. Is she being sarcastic or polite or both. He deserves to be shamed into explaining that his statements are blatant lies and falsehoods, not disagreements with other people.

  • Washingtion Guy

    can I have a “disagreement” that the sun rises in the morning and sets at night?

  • Josh

    EWE: Hey, I wish him luck too. I hope he gets just enough crazy right wing nutball votes to split the Republicans between him and McCain, allowing a Democrat to take the office. THAT would be absolutely HILARIOUS.

  • Lanjier

    Intimacy between people is discussed as a part of the definition of marriage, not as the entire thing. But this douchebag cares nothing about us, the law or the truth, or even the American way of permitting everyone to equally pursue happiness. Bigotry and dehumanizing slander is his low life, and I hope he beats McCain so we can see his donkey show on display in the Republican caucus.

  • Keldawgs

    he looks like a dinosaur.

  • ggreen

    Hayworth represents a huge segment of the Arizona population; ignorant, racist, homophobic, sexist and extremely proud of it. Most “zonies” are trapped inside homes and cars for long periods of the spring, summer and fall they love to listen to hate talk radio.

  • dm1973

    What a BOTOX Queen! Full of horse-puckey also.

  • Hyhybt

    ‘Equestrian animals” would be animals that ride horses. You mean “man and equines.”

  • Cam

    If you watch the video all the way through, you’ll also see one of the biggest problems in Washington. This guy was a Congressman, is now trying to be a Senator, and he is asserting that the courts had set up marrige explicitly as “The expression of intimacy”. Maddow pointed out that no where in the entire court decision had they said that, and he first tried to say “Well can dissagree and he tried to move on, and when pressed by her saying “It is not in there, that is a fact” he still just repeated “Well we can dissagree.”
    Hayworth, like a lot of Congressmen are not that bright, they don’t read bills or Court decisions, they leave that to their staff of 20 somethings working on the Hill to build their resumes. Now that he is not in Congress, he obviously relied on some idiot campaign worker to give him talking points, they were wrong and he is too dumb to talk his way around it. Take a good look, this is a glaring example of why things like the financial meltdowns occur. There aren’t that many bright people in Washington, they don’t understand and don’t try to understand major decisions, preferring to be handed a few talking points. If he couldn’t even work his way around this, how is somebody like this supposed to handle things like the economic crisis. And McCain is JUST as bad…that’s why McCain has that frozen deer look any time any interviewer surprises him. Best hope is that McCain and this guy tear each other apart in the primary and the Dems come in and win the general.

  • eagledancer

    After spending my adult life in San Francisco and Seattle—it was a great shock to move to Arizona. Not long after I arrived, the major news story was about legislation to allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon into a bar or restaurant.

    Please note this was considered an issue because so many Arizonians (?Arizonans? People who reside here) are already packing heat, and were being required to lock their firearms securely in their vehicle before going into a bar or restaurant.

    Goddess knows I really want people with concealed firearms in a place with a bunch of rowdy drunks…esp. a homophobe barging into a gay bar…

    In July, Governor Brewer signed it into law. Ironically, here’s one of the requirements of the law:

    **The law does not apply to any person temporarily entering the restaurant or bar to either seek emergency aid or to determine whether or not a sign prohibiting weapons has been posted.**

    I suppose the seeking of “emergency aid” was because the citizen was running away from a gunfight.

    At least the weather is usually warmer and drier than San Francisco and Seattle…

    And don’t get us liberal types get started on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio…

    Most other Americans are unaware Phoenix is something like the 5th largest in the nation, but we’re Number One in terms of kidnappings per year. Scary place…

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