Where Do Children Learn that Gay Relationships Are ‘Nasty’?

From their parents, of course. Tina Fortune, of Florida, is a divorced mother of three. We’ve watched a few of her videos, and we’ve concluded she is a normal, level-headed person! She discusses family and parenting with reason and experience, which is actually something worth noting in the context of parents who upload videos of their kids to YouTube, because a good 89 percent of them should have their children taken away. That positive impression was reinforced here, in a chat with her son Mansir, who thinks the idea of a woman marrying another woman is “nasty.” But Tina doesn’t want her son judging other people like that. She asks where he learned gay relationships are “nasty.” Nowhere in particular, he says; he just knows. So it couldn’t possibly be from his own mother, right?


Because Tina, who says “we love all people and we don’t judge people,” also reminds Mansir (and viewers, in the Chyron) she wants him to marry a girl. It’s the “not in my backyard mentality.” I’m fine with gays, just so long as my kids aren’t! That isn’t a message of “not judging”; it’s a message of “don’t be different.” Who knows what Mansir, or any little boy or girl, will grow up to be. But while it’s commendable to raise children with a “don’t judge” attitude, the whole effort is undermined when you tell your kid “don’t be like that.” As if they have a choice in the matter.

And yes, we noticed the giant cross in the background.

(Cue to 1:10)