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Where Does Maggie Gallagher Get Off Calling St. Peter an Anti-Religious Bigot?

If you thought the only chance you’d have of running into Maggie Gallagher at the Pearly Gates is if you happened to be in the same elevator that plummeted into the earth’s core, then you are in for a treat, because Rob Tisinai dreamed up the encounter between she and St. Peter. And I know you hate spoiler alerts, but it did not go well.

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  • Phil

    That was a horrible clip. The obvious use of the Microsoft voice synthesizer could have EASILY been mitigated by the use of phonetics over actual words. Also, Maggie should be fatter. She’s not in heaven yet.

  • j

    @Phil: It eleoquently got its point across tho, which I think was the point. It’s not meant to be a hollywood blockbuster.


    @Phil: As J correctley points out above, the whole point was humor to show what a hyprotical, vile, pandering, bigot Maggot is………….

    As to Maggot actually entering heaven. The huge afterlife joke is going to be on these frightwing lunatics. Those who spend every waking hour spewing hatred on the Gay community. We are only attempting to live our lives as we were born. I truly believe in karma and that their tickets to Hell have already been punched……………..

    Satan has a special corner in hell reserved especially for those who spend their lives attemting to make others lives a living hell ……

    And yes, the very distrubing looking Maggot only wishes she could even slightly approach the level of attractivness of that animated peg figure………… :p

  • Carl

    I enjoyed the clip. It exposes the hypocrisy so seldom present among gay bashers. When people want to protect “traditional marriage” they ignore the marriages in the bible and the lack of rights for women, and how women were treated like property and forced into arranged marriages. No one seems to care about the biblical new commandment – to love one another as God loves us.

  • Joe

    I liked it. Would have like to see St. Peter throw her lego-ass into Hell though. Oh well. As an atheist, I need to work even harder to try and change things here, since I do not believe in an afterlife, nor do I believe in karma, Gallagher’s ideas needs to be stopped now.

  • Phil

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: As an atheist, I am unable to conjure up for myself the image of her fat ass in hell. Hardly possible for me imagine her suffering in a place I don’t believe in.

    @Carl: You mean either “integrity so seldom present” or “hypocrisy so seldom acknowledged”. I do not think you meant to say that gay bashers are sincere in their efforts.

  • B

    o. 5 · Joe wrote, “I liked it. Would have like to see St. Peter throw her lego-ass into Hell though.” …. I’m sure the animator(s) would have liked to have had a budget that could pay for doing just that!

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