Hint: He Ain't Got None.

Where Is John McCain’s Gay Pride?

Democratic presidential Barack Obama released a gay pride message earlier this month. His Republican rival John McCain.

Now, in an effort to remind voters of McCain’s commitment to restricting gay rights, National Stonewall Democrats are circulating a video of the candidate’s most shameful moments, like how he opposes gay adoption rights, marriage and other “straight” privileges. It’s not pretty.

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  • CitizenGeek

    And yet still, bitter Hillary gays will support this sad and angry man for president over Obama. If the Log Cabin Republicans endorse this monster, I will lose all respect for them.

  • Homo Politico

    Actually, I think it’s a myth that the Hillary gays are gonna support him. Apparently the bitter feminists aren’t going to support him (according to an article in the nytimes last week). The Hillary gays and Hillary feminists who threaten to join the McCain camp just need some time to realize the idiocy of their words, and those who really promise to join McCain are by far in the minority (another lie the McCain camp is trying to perpetuate).

  • Konrad

    In the vid, Stonewall Democrats say McCain opposed ENDA. Funny, so did Stonewall Democrats.

  • Maxwell

    Well, I didn’t need a video to tell me any of that information. However, some of our community need to be reminded of how much is at stake this election. Although we may disagree with Senator Obama about the term marriage, instead he calls it civil unions (with the same benefits as marriage); he does stand with us on just about every other issue. He also welcomes us at the table and wants us to fight for the right to be married. Senator McCain not so much!

  • Paul

    Would it have killed them to explain that “ENDA” meant “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” for people who may not follow politics as closely as others? Or not to have used such a horribly annoying song? Idiots.

  • Ryan

    Good point about spelling out ENDA. I liked the song, though.



    “I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman”- Barack Hussein Obama

  • fredo777


    On a completely petty note, McCain looked really chunky in several of those clips.

  • Mr C

    UMMMMMMMM Churchychicken,

    That very same statement was also repeated by Mother Hlllary Diane Rodham Clinton and your point is?????????

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Another knife-blade in the back from this scum-bag.

    “The ProtectMarriage.com campaign says it received an e-mail from McCain Thursday in which the Arizona senator expressed his support for the group’s efforts “to recognize marriage as a unique institution between a man and a woman.”

    Any Gay LCR that votes for McPain, deserves what they get.

    Mmmm….love the pain!

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