generational gaps

Where Is the Common Ground for Old & Young Gays?

QUEERTY SELECTS — The gap, and frustration, between “old” and “young” gays is not a new phenomenon. Mark Harris’ take on it, however, breathes new insight. Is the AIDS epidemic the great separator between older gays (who, if they’re alive to read this, likely lost many friends in the 80s) and younger gays (for which AIDS is barely concern, and if it is, it’s a “manageable” one). Is it our approach to activism, where older gays march with steadfast demands and younger gays protest with sing-song-y hope? We’re stereotyping generational vantage points, of course, but as Harris quotes 40-year-old The Advocate editor Jon Barrett, “On its simplest level, we think they’re naïve. And they think we’re old.” Happy Stonewall.