Where Should You Live? CNN’s LGBT Rights Calculator Finds State That Matches Your Values

gay-america-mapWe’d love to believe the United States is the great American melting pot, where everyone shares common core values and sets aside cultural and religious traditions when it comes to dealing with their fellow citizens.

We’d love to believe that—but since we’re not high on airplane glue, we know it’s not true.

So where can LGBT people and their allies live where they know their opinions on marriage equality, adoption, sodomy laws, workplace discrimination and other key issues are shared by a majority of the populace—or at least by the law?

In the run-up to next week’s big SCOTUS cases, CNN Digital has created an LGBT rights calculator that will tell you which of the 50 states (plus Washington, DC) you’d feel most at home in. Users respond to 10 questions on a variety of subjects and indicate how important the issue is on a slider that goes from “not important” all the way up to “very important.”  (Of course, haters can also find which regions have the most repressive laws.)

Is such a calculator a good idea, or does it encourage people to avoid being pioneers in uncharted territory?
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