Where The Gays Are: 8 Queer Web Series You Should Be Watching


Tired of turning on the TV to the same old heteronormative programming? Not that we don’t love our straight shows, but sometimes you just want to watch two guys going through the old sitcom clichés—or even breaking new, gay ground.

Thank goodness then for the Internet in all its fabulous glory: Whatever you’re not finding while flipping channels is just a URL away—from romantic drama in The Outs (above) and gay Sex and the City escapades in The Hunting Season to the wacky hijinks of Jenifer Lewis and Shangela. To make things easy, Queerty has rounded up eight of our favorite web series. Read on, tune in and be entertained!

Got a fave web show we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

FIRST: It’s murder most furry in Where the Bears Are!


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  • magsmagenta

    Husbands is brilliant, Brad Bell especially is a brilliant comedian and a pretty good actor too, I also love his you-tube channel where he puts his comedy sketches and general thoughts. It’s really a shame all the sitcom makers aren’t beating a path to his door.
    Sometimes he reminds me of the UK comedian Kenny Everett who was a big part of my teenage years and sadly passed on from aids soon after Freddie Mercury.


  • stan22ky

    what is the link to watch The Outs


    @stan22ky: You can see that on YouTube;

  • stan22ky

    @KARUADAM: what is the youtube channel

  • brian867

    I’m SO in love with the internet age of media…

    Not only were these shows better than I was expected, but they really bring to the forefront how starved we are for complex, varied, and realistic gay characters on tv.

    Even the cartoon-cutout characters featured here feel more fleshed-out than the upper-middle class, white, sanitized, theater queens and/or suit-and-tie professionals that we’re served again and again by the networks. Probably because these are mainly people representing their own lives. I would have loved to have grown up in an era of such democratic representation of queer images. Way to go guys!

    Would love to see an equivalent line up for queer ladies, or even *gasp* a complex bisexual character or two.

  • pcfreeloader1

    Hunting Season is fantastic…just watched the 1st 3 episodes…had to buy the downloads!

  • Boudicca

    What about Between Women? Awesome show about queer women in Atlanta!

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