Where Was Estelle Getty?

Did we miss it, or was the Golden girl was notably absent from the Oscar’s remembrance of those we lost?

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  • Erick

    Did she do many movies? Almost all Ive seen of her work is on TV. Same with Ertha Kit.

  • D Krolak

    Yes she did several movies…she was in Tootsie for godsake! And Stuart Little, Mannequin, and Mask…

  • Sebbe

    Don’t forget “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot”!!

    I’ve always wondered this, do they have to be a member of the academy to be listed? Seems like there is always someone they are leaving out.

    RIP – Estelle Getty

  • hardmannyc

    With all due respect, she wasn’t a big movie star, much better known for tv work. still probably should have been there.

  • Sebbe

    Its not about being a big movie star though, they show many people that many have not even heard of, especially those that work behind the scenes.

  • Andy P.

    They missed Harvey Korman too.

  • flightoftheseabird

    She will get her tribute at the Emmys.

    @Andy P.: And I thought I saw Harvery Korman.

  • Ken

    I believe one is listed only if they were an Academy member or Oscar nominee/winner

  • Mykel

    Ken is correct; they must be a member of the Academy or have been nominated. Only a handful of film industry folks are invited to become members in a given year, as the Academy likes to keep a voting number easy to manage.

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