Wherein A Real Life Gay Couple Moves In With An Antigay Preacher

22072_491778We love a good mismatched roommate story, but The Odd Couple is about to turn into The Odder Throuple when an Australian gay couple shacks up with a vehemently anti-gay preacher for ten days of arguing in circles.

It’s part of an especially manipulative reality documentary series called Living with the Enemy, wherein people on opposing polar sides of an issue are forced to share a roof. Well, forced is a strong word — they all did sign up for this public torture, after all.

Episode one features Michael Barnett and Gregory Storer of Melbourne as they go head to head with Anglican preacher David Ould, who thinks homosexuality is an abomination.

Because there’s no better way to evolve your worldview than by being cast based on your prejudices only to have cameras shoved in your face as you defend your position.

That’s real progress.

It’s quite the novel concept. Except for the fact that the BBC did essentially the same thing when they sent two rugby-loving homophobes to live with a gay couple in London in 1998. The show was called — get this — Living with the Enenmy.

Here’s what that looked like. Note the excellent late 90s fashions:

And here’s a preview of the updated Australian version:

h/t Gay Star News