Wherein Adam Lambert Explains to a (Straight) Guy He Doesn’t Have Sex on the First Date

Bryon Cooke, a host on Australia’s Triple M Radio, thought he was being all cutesy during an interview with Adam Lambert by suggesting, even though he’s a heterosexual father, he might just make a go at asking the Idol star out on a date. He was shot down, with this excuse: Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we go for every guy.

This is true! And it’s one of those lessons we must always teach straight guys, particularly when they’re dragged, oh-so-unwillingly, to G bars.

But yeah: Bryon being too masculine is the problem for these two.

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  • fredo777

    lol that was a cute little banter session.

  • Bianca

    I think he was trying to be nice to a guy he doesn’t really find “hawt”, lol. I bet had he been really good looking, Adam would have reacted differently.

    He’s nice.:)

  • Juno

    Nicely done. That guy was pleasant but way too hairy .

  • RoRo

    I think some people may not know anyone gay and don’t know how to act. I commend the interviewer for trying to relate, but, being a married man with a family, asking someone out for a date is inappropriate behavior. Suggesting a “bro” type night out would have been a lot more acceptable, but still should have been done off camera.

  • RoRo

    Had to listen again and think I was maybe off track. Ok, so maybe the interviewer didn’t actually say he was married, but had kids. The banter was light and humorous. Maybe some ‘bro-ness’ did exist in the invite. ’22’, mister? Really? Hmmmm….

  • Kate

    It was funny but I hope that those kinds of things don’t continue for him because it’s disrespectful. It could border on making fun of him for the audience. He is always gracious and plays along so,I do admire Adam for that but just because he is gay is no reason to ask him out on a date for a joke.

  • Rasa

    Yes. Adam really is gracious… and in the midst of what must be a very busy schedule, he keeps things positive and light in situations like this. Kudos to Adam Lambert!

  • Lukas P.

    Sorry, until Mr Davey Wavey expresses his opinion on the topic, I don’t know what to think. Because he’s an expert on Australia! And all things gay.

    Nicely handled, Mr Lambert! A less gracious person might have gotten upset and raised a ruckus.

  • romeo

    @ Bianca #2: Yeah, I’m with you, Bianca. Have a feeling if he’d been one of those Aussie surfers I’ve seen here in LA, the reaction would have been different. LOL Adam’s made it clear that he has a past, but nothing wrong with turning over a new leaf. I’ve tried to in that respect. I think that getting to know someone and socializing a bit and letting the tension build before hitting the sack is the best way to find a serious prospective partner, which I’m kind of into now. Of course, don’t hold me to this. LMAO!

  • Debbie Glam# 2473

    lighten up guys they were just having a good time, the guy was teasing Adam & he knew that. I think it was adorable!

  • AlwaysGay

    Several heterosexual guys have jokingly asked him out or forced themselves on him. He has handled each situation very well. Adam wasn’t attracted to this guy yet he let him off by lifting his ego when he said he was too masculine. Very clever.

  • Jeremy

    Oh, Pur-leaze, girlfriend said so because that straight guy wasn’t attractive enough for him. Besides, it’s gonna take the whole night for Ms. Lambert wipes off the make-up and polish those nails before the other one feels like he about to shag a she-male. FYI, this is also the reason why Lady Gaga cannot get laid these days.

  • Lisa

    I love Adam’s honesty and willingness to pretty much tell us everything but I do hope a time will come when we stop asking. It has to be upsetting to go out on a tour to promote your music, yet everyone, everywhere wants to talk about your sex life. If a female entertainer was constantly questioned about her sexual preferences and hit on by every man and/or woman that did an interview, the lawyers would be lined up waiting to file harassment suits. Adam is so much more than the piece of meat that so many seem to want to see him as. Funny, as a female fan, when I fantasize about him, he is fully dressed and singing. He looks so hot in clothes and the voice is what does it for me, Ha! Ha!

  • soso

    I’m sorry but that host was better looking. I found his face more appealing than Adam’s. Sure he was growing a beard, but has anyone seen Adam’s skin lately? He doesn’t look younger than that DJ, and that makeup doesn’t help him look his age at all.

  • romeo

    Guess Adam got stuck with classic dry redhead skin. At 28 he shouldn’t have those frown lines all over his forehead. Along with exfoliating the fuck out of his skin, he should get into alpha hydroxy and retinol. That will help with the acne scars, too. If he’d get his skin in shape, he wouldn’t have to wear so much make-up, which is a large part of what’s making his skin worse. As I’ve said many times, when it comes to looks the thing that really matters is what your partner sees when he wakes up in the morning.

  • Bianca


    Well “girlfriend”, given the chance I’d do Adam even in full drag, lol. He’s HOT!

    Hey Romeo, hope you find the love you’re looking for (((hugs)))

  • Lisa

    Me too, Jeremy, Ha! Ha! Never been attracted to another woman but Adam in drag kinda does it for me too. Wonder why that is? I think he is just a beautiful person and that shines through no matter how much make-up he wears. Just love this man, he is the sexiest thing walking around today.

  • Bianca


    Adam in everything/anything/nothing does it for me…..

  • JP


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