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Wherein B. Scott Goes On Tyra To Tell New Yorkers They Dress Like Crap

Oh you just know YouTube fashion critic William Sledd (and failed Bravo starlet) would’ve killed to be up on stage with Tyra Banks as they went after the disasters that lurk in the aisles of Wal-Mart. Or, in this case, Madison Square Park in NYC. But it was B. Scott, the web’s transgender (androgynous?) wunderkind who is The Awesome, who was part of a trio of makeover artists for New York’s fashion unfortunate.

Because everybody loves being told they dress like hell, especially in public and while cameras are rolling, B. Scott brought back one H&M candidate (that’s hot & messy) for a makeover. And it’s not that we much care whether B. Scott was able to turn out a nicer looking gal (which he did), but at long last his trademark mannerisms have found a national television platform, which they so deserve.