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Wherein Dancing With The Stars Becomes Ground Zero for Promoting Gay Marriage

This writer does not watch Dancing With The Stars for two reasons: 1) We are already overwhelmed with celebrity-stuffed reality shows (and reality shows that create celebrities, like Real Housewives); and 2) Until that cutie Evan Lysacek dances in a caveman costume, we just can’t seem to care who wins this thing. But then last night actress Niecy Nash and her partner Louis van Amstel danced to a routine based on interracial love in 1960s, and van Amstel got teary about how even today he cannot marry in this country, and dammit, even we were sad we only got to catch it on YouTube.

Afterward he told the cameras:

And who does van Amstel want to marry? Oh, just this cutie:

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  • terrwill

    “Until that cutie Evan Lysacek dances in a caveman costume” With that mug a caveman costume is quite appropriate………

  • fredo777

    I think Evan is potentially a fantastic dancer. His jive routine last week was really fun to watch + I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed watching him dance so far.

    As for DWTS, in general, I’m a definite fan + encourage others to watch it more often.

  • Qjersey

    And never once did they mention the word gay…which means you had to know that Louis is gay to get it.

    But you can tell it really got to Louis when he gave the parting shot that went something like…”So a 21 how do you feel about that?” Louis: “its great if it will only be 21 weeks until everyone can marry who they want.”

  • Frozen North

    Yay, Louis!! Yay, Carrie Ann. Boo, Bruno for not saying anything even though he’s got a horse in that race.

    I think Louis protested in about the only way he could on such a program without sabotaging Niecy’s chances, or making it all about him. It was bold and a bit risky I think.

    You can tell it really means something to him.
    Liked him before. Love him now.

  • alan brickman

    Evan is great…don’t be so jealous…..

  • alan brickman

    I would like to see One of these “Gay Ken Dolls” complaining about how they can’t marry their “minority” bf for a change….both are too blonde for words….

  • Jon (the other one)

    Well .. I loved it, regardless of the critics. . .I don’t think the intention was lost on anyone.

    Alan . . .we don’t we fall in love with a person based on hair color. . .just like we don’t choose the fact that some of us were born with blonde hair and blue eyes. . .We fall in love period.

  • Ricky

    Um, I don’t think they had to mention that he is “gay”… saying that he cannot marry in this country pretty much spells it out.

  • AndrewW

    A nice addition to the cultural conversation.

    24 million people were watching last night. By comparison, less than 1 million people watched Rachel Maddow’s interview of Dan Choi after his handcuff stunt.

    We will succeed when people want to join us AND speak up for us. Niecy spoke up after Louis asked for her help. He didn’t DEMAND, he asked.

    We must go from “protected minority,” to strong majority – a majority of people standing with us for our full equality.

  • Jeremy

    @alan brickman: So what is the difference, then? I find it’s annoying to see someone keeps throwing the “racecard” in every situation. Don’t you know “reverse racism” is still racism? Every race has its own bullshit, no race is better than the others.

  • AndrewW

    @alan brickman: I see you’re still complaining Alan. How’s that working? Any progress to report?

  • asa1973

    I thank Louis and Niecy. They are both heroes. Niecy’s words and emotion may even have a stronger impact. She is saying – as a straight woman – I support this. We are ALL in this fight.

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