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  • Felix

    This guy is out of his mind. I would be terrified to sit next to him in a car and listen to him wax about his body image like his poor boyfriend had to. Nothing he says is relevant to anyone or anything. He is a narcissist who has delusious of grandeur. Queerty: everytime you post him, you take the integrity of your own blog down a degree.

  • terrwill

    If the guys’ pecs would be any bigger, they’d need to wear a bra! Nothing to hate myself about there!

  • terrwill

    @Felix: Couldn’t agree more!

  • delurker again

    At least DW has a less annnoying accent than Herman.That’s the nicest thing I can say about DW.

    Oh and society at large won’t deem his body to be unnactractive when he gets older, the GAY COMMUNITY will. That’s a big difference.

  • Gert

    Hey Queerty: You cover some great stories, but it’s nonsense like your promotion of this know-nothing, bland, high-pitched clone that makes me follow you on twitter and only check for the real stories (except to make this snarky comment).

  • Jorge

    Davey Wavey is insincere and insecure.

    We all have our strengths and our faults. A grounded person flashes neither. Somebody who is insecure will highlight one or the other. We all have friends who are constantly throwing pity-parties. Similarly, we all have friends who like to brag and showoff their excesses and successes. Neither are particularly fun to listen to because we know they aren’t just talking, they’re searching for compliments, reassurance and acceptance.

    Certainly, I agree with Felix. Generally, many of the entries on this site are thought provoking and generate healthy and spirited debate. What exactly does Davey Wavey spark?

  • Qjersey

    being obsessed with your chest and its attractiveness to men is such a female strategy. Whatever happened to checking out the important stuff like the package and the buns? Oh yeah, baggy pants happened and the gaze shifted north.

  • DSNX

    Scott Herman was on the Real World Brooklyn. I haven’t watched the show in over a decade, and even I know that. If you can’t afford a fact checker, there’s this thing called a Google that searches the internets for information free of charge.

  • Lucky

    Are you going to report on everything Davey Wavey does? Because…really?

  • Gabe

    I think we should all rate this as Bad, STUPID and/or FAIL. Enough of this douche.

  • thedarkchariot

    Wow. He is annoying.

  • GetReal

    Men get less attractive as they age?? This guy is an idiot. One word for you dude, D-A-D-D-Y. Older men are way more attractive than a 20-something twink. I’m in my early 30s and I’ll take a guy who’s in his 40s or 50s any day over some drama queen in his 20s.

  • Andy

    Okay, I guess I’m the only one here to enjoys watching Davey. so shoot me.

  • declanto

    @Andy: Boom-boom. DW is one of the most vapid postings on Queerty. Is it entertainment value watching someone making a public spectacle of their shallowness?

  • Jon (ome of the other ones)

    Please give it a rest Queerty & just quit this doofus.

  • Sergio

    I wonder if Davey is sucking some cock over at Queerty. Really guys, why would you waste your time covering every blog entry this guy makes????? Please stop.

  • jeffree

    Queerty keeps running The Wavey Diva’s vids because they generate lots of page reads & clicks. As long as we keep looking & posting & clicking (my self included) the waving of hands & arms, & exposure of nips, & philosophy lectures will continue!


    What is this! the commonwealth of bitter-queens-turned-down-by-Wavey-on-manhunt? You will cool it! I like his pecs and nipples as long as he speaks not a single word as do you all and you must all accept the fact.

  • AlwaysGay

    Davey is neurotic. Scott Herman’s body is not that much better than Davey’s.

  • JoshP

    I love his nipples

  • Ervs

    I like Davey Wavey. But what do you expect from someone who is called Davey Wavey?

    He suffers from infantilism… He goes to clubs where men with bald heads and crows feet are feared. He lives in the twinkish world of denial.

    But that works for him.

    Give me a hot thirty and up any day of the week. Give them body hair and some life experiences and I am weak. And make them knowledgeable of their own humanity and I am theirs.

    You expect more from someone who can’t give it? Then you foolish. Davey Wavey is here to amuse not give actual insight.

    And Davey, if that was meant to be profound, go help some senior gay men and women who are trying to find a senior center that will treat them fair in their end days. Cause that was bad even for you.

  • TheProfessor

    For someone who spits out so much drivel about self-love and spirituality, boy is he obsessed with the physical aspects of his life, his body, his pecs, what others think of his body, etc. And I am sure he chatted with Herman on how to make a career in more self-promotion leading to something akin to show-biz. If that is your goal, please, just say so. If you want to talk about the body and how you love muscles and how that’s the best thing in the world, admit it. But enough with cloaking everything in a mantle of pseudo-analysis and social commentary. It all comes off hypocritical, shallow and awfully narcissistic. How about getting a real job? How about getting to know older gays? How about mingling with gays who do not look like you or Scott Herman? How about… being real for once?

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