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Wherein Glee‘s Brittany S. Pierce Plays a Lesbian Britney Spears

So we’re a queer blog, and Britney Spears was on Glee last night, so I guess we have to talk about it? Sure do! Especially when the episode drags in some 13.2 million viewers

They were expecting magic! Do you think they delivered? Well Britney showed up three times, if that counts as magic? How about snaps for lesbian Brittany S. Pierce doing her best B. Spears?

Here were two of our favorites:

[flv: 650 400]

[flv: 650 400]

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  • Steve

    She and Santa are bisexual, not lesbian

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Heather Morris is smokin’ hot! She’s only the second woman who made me wish I was bi.

    This was the first episode of Glee that I didn’t fast forward through the musical numbers.

    A bit of trivia–Heather Morris was a choreographer/dancer for Britney Spears.

  • DR

    Naya Rivera and Heather Morris stole the show last night, end of discussion. Yes, they were autotuned within inches of their lives, but they gave smoking hot performances and great one-liners.

    I could have lived without Rachel singing “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, it was too anemic. Artie’s “Stronger” was kind of 90s boy band, but it worked in with his current plot line, and I’m glad to see him bonding with some of the other Glee clubbers outside of the club. My only complaint was “Toxic”. I just got a bit of an icky feeling with Matt Morrison singing with the club. Otherwise, another great number.

    It was a fun ep, and that’s what it was supposed to be. I wasn’t expecting depth last night, just fun, and it delivered. Heather Morris needs more singing solos (just not K$$sha, please!) and definitely needs a solid dance routine with HArry Shrum, Jr (Mike Chang).


    @DR: 100% Co-sign, if ya are looking for depth head ova to PBS, Glee is nothin more than a very much fun, so very guilty pleaseue…………

    Harry Shrum is perfect examplo why Asian guys are one of my favoritest flavor of Gay………..Did ya see the abs on him? I’ll have that dish Sum yun guy, any nite! :p

    PS: If ya haven’t been with, the myth that that all Asian dudes have teeny weenies is just that, a myth :O

  • Chris H

    Heather Morris is so friggin hot. She’s my favorite comedic character on Glee. Her one liners have absolute perfect delivery “did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?” HA!

  • jason

    Where are the gay and bi men in Glee? They only seem to show women who are like that, not men. There’s definitely a double standard operating at Glee. Fuck off, Glee.

    Glee is homophobic at heart.

  • soakman

    WTF Jason, have you watched Glee? Um, Kurt, much? The episodes dealing with Kurt and his father are the deepest that Glee has to offer in my honest opinion. Those and a very select few dealing with teen pregnancy.

  • jason


    Gay men don’t just talk about their problems. They actually go out and have boyfriends. Glee might like the idea that we just talk but that’s not what we only do.

    Show us in relationships. Glee seems to be avoiding this aspect of our lives. Glee is effectively insulting all gay and bi men by refusing to show them in relationships.

    Glee is NOT a gay-friendly show.

  • 7

    @jason: Your premise is built around gay MEN.

    This is a show about kids. In high school. In Buttesecks, Ohio.

    Kurt is a kid. He doesn’t have the freedom to go out and have boyfriends. Though he will get one soon (supposedly).

    Is the show homophobic? No. Are they hiding the gayness as much as they can while still promoting one of the regular cast members leading to much awkwardness and a lot of Kurt-less episodes (that also happen to be Mercedes-less episodes more often than not) in order to please the fanbase – and the parents of said fanbase? Yes. That’s not homophobic. That’s just the reality of the situation. Whether they wanted it or not, Glee has given the pre-teen girl crowd a place to go after they’ve out-grown Disney Channel. If the show had a more adult audience, maybe the gay plotlines would be more visible – and maybe the plot itself would be less vapid and meaningless.

  • Jai

    Just when I thought Jason was a bit nuts, 7’s comment was even more fucking stupid. Ugh.

  • 7

    @Jai: Congratulations, you’ve added a net total of absolutely nothing to this conversation with your insults.

    I won’t respond in kind, but rather ask for your opinion on the issue at hand.

  • Mark

    For everyone flipping out, things don’t change overnight. I am happy with the little progress we received, and will continue to receive. Just a few years ago no one would have imagined one of the main characters as gay. The father son scenes with Kurt are very meaningful and could help to open some dialogue between fathers with gay sons, or mothers with gay daughters. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  • DR


    And as we see in next week’s episode, not every piece of drama in the lives of gay high school kids has to revolve around their identity as a gay kid. Kurt’s dad gets hospitalized, and that’s probably going to be one hell of a tear-jerker plotline.

    It’s a gay actor playing a gay teenager in an ensemble cast. Would it be great to have a boyfriend for Kurt, sure, but the character has quite a bit of emotional depth when compared to some of the other characters There are 15 principal characters on the show for crying out loud, and the main characters are Shue, Sue, Finn, and Rachel, with expanded roles for the characters of Mike, Santana, and Brittany.

    If you want all gay, all ep, go watch Queer as Folk or one of the barely-not-porn shows on LOGO like Dante’s Cove or the Lair. Plenty of hot male/male action and drama. This is a network show with no real pretenses except for fun and the occasional bit of depth.


    Wasn’t he in the “Slave for You” video? I’m fairly certain he was, but I was honestly too distracted by the hotness which was Heather Morris….

  • Pip

    I thought the episode itself was a little disappointing. It was just kind of Glee Britney Music Video Remake Edition. Confining all the Britney songs to “fantasies” was kinda lame.

  • Jake

    Ok I love Glee and I thought the episode was good but what’s up with the post Queerty? “Guess we have to talk about it?”. Once again Queerty show’s its biased opinions when I writes about Brit Brit yet trashes anything Madonna does. What has Brit actually done to prove she’s a gay ally besides hiriing backup dancer whereas Madonna has spoken for the cause during her 30+ year career. Just something to think about since I’m sick of the Madge trashing by the Queerty writers.

    On a side note Heather Morris is awesome.


    @DR: To refresh your memory! :p


  • thedarkchariot

    Uh…wait a second…they’re in high school, right?

  • Pierre

    I want her abs. Damn.

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