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Wherein Young Gays Discuss Having Sex With Older Daddies

Because even famewhoring Xem Van Adams and a shirtless Davey Wavey (and those who feud with him) cannot occupy all of our YouTube, we’re forced to find new interests. Like these two fellas, who are engaged in a serious discussion about sleeping with older dudes.

Meet Scott (left) and Maxime (right). They’re friends (willing accomplices?) of Trevor Hoppe, who was most recently arguing that there’s no reason to avoid sex with HIV-positive men. Hoppe produces something called The View From the Bottom, which, for those with day jobs, is a play on Barbara Walters daytime exercise in embarrassing Sherri Shepherd. And this is their arena for having serious discussion about body hair, sex, and a certain predilection for daddies. And not just of the sugar variety.

Money shot: “People who are less perverted than I am don’t know what they’re going to be into when they turn 40.”