tech Lesbian iPhone Users Can Literally Be Pointed To Groupings Of Gals

A new iPhone app called WhereTheLadies.At promises to do for lesbians (and straight guys) what Grindr has done for gay men, but even simpler. Launch the app, and a giant compass signal will point you to where there are actual ladies right this second. How does it work? By scraping the check-in app Foursquare to see, well, where the ladies at. And don’t worry about showing up at Henrietta Hudson and finding no actual ladies: only check-ins from the past 30 minutes are valid.
“The concept OF A BIG COMPASS POINTING YOU IN THE DIRECTION OF LADIES is so unprecedented that Apple actually called co-founder Jeff Hodsdon on his cellphone to ask about the app during the review process,” relays TechCrunch Of course the app is really designed for straight guys trolling for hot spots stuffed with the opposite sex, but there’s no reason why gay gals can’t take advantage.

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