Whether You’re Gay Or Straight, The Naked Barber Will Shave You Anywhere You Want

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 11.31.10 AMNeed a haircut?

How about having your balls professionally waxed?

Never fear, Richard “Dick” Savvy, otherwise known as the Naked Barber, is happy to help. And he’ll do it all while dressed in just his jockstrap.

“Most women go in for a weekly blow dry,” Savvy says. “I get a few clients who come in for a weekly scrotum shave.”

Not surprisingly, Savvy is very popular in the Sydney and Melbourne gay scene. Now, a new documentary by the folks at PLGRM follows the world’s first and only naked barber around for a day, giving viewers an insider’s glimpse at the services he offers.

Every day, men enter his studio and get completely naked. They climb into a harness, spread their legs wide open, and have their bungholes professionally manicured by the award-winning professional.

Savvy says the scrotum shave is his “most popular and erotic service,” sought by men both gay and straight.

“I’ve shaved straight guys’ balls before,” Saavy explains. “Straight guys who are really comfortable … they don’t give a shit. They’ll get their balls shaved. They know there’s nothing to it.”

The filmmakers also interview one of Savvy’s longtime customers.

“At this very moment Richard is shaving my balls and the end of my dick,” the customer says. “It’s an amazing feeling … The sensation of having someone else do it… is quite arousing.”

“I enjoy watching other guys get off on it,” Savvy says. “That’s how I know I’ve got a good business.”

He credits his spirituality, as well as his mother, for his success.

“I was brought up very spiritual,” he says. “My mum, especially, brought us kids up with: ‘Be who you want to be. Be whoever you want to be. And do it. You only live one life… Make the most out of this life that you live.’ ”

See the full, very NSFW video here.

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