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Which 2 Celebs Split Up After the Oscars (And Each Found New Boyfriends)?

BLIND ITEMS — Well at least you can’t attach this one to Jeremy Renner: “There was a well-known entertainment pair at the Academy Awards who sat together, occasionally holding and laughing together. What a nice couple! Not. They actually can’t stand each other and haven’t lived together in months. However, as one of Hollywood’s perceived stable couples, they are not yet ready to explain to the world that their long-time (by Hollywood standards) relationship is over. Certainly not in such a public setting. And if one of them had showed up solo, or with another escort, it would have brought up too many questions. So it was easier just to go together, pretend that everything’s great, and to go their separate ways after the big event… each to a new boyfriend.” [via Blind Gossip]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)