Which 2014 Song Is Impossible To Get Out Of Your Head?

An earworm, according to Urban Dictionary, is a song that sticks in your mind, and will not leave no matter how much you try. There have been so many songs released this year that embody that definition so now’s your chance to tell us which 2014 recording you can’t stop listening to and will most likely to become a future classic queer anthem. There were so many deserving projects to choose from this year, but we managed to narrow it down to six. Watch the videos for each and then click over to the 2014 Queerties ballot page to cast your vote.

“Break Free,” Ariana Grande

“Chandelier,” Sia

“Fancy,” Iggy Azalea

“I Adore You,” Adore Delano

“Stay With Me,” Sam Smith

“Travesty,” Jimmy Somerville


VOTING IN THE QUEERTIES IS EASY: Just head over to the ballot page and click on your favorite nominees.

You can come back and vote once every day until the contest closes on November 02, 2014, at midnight Eastern.

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