Which ’90s Heartthrob Still Has It?


The refreshing new photos of ’90s teen dreamboat Ryan Phillippe walking his flawless 39-year-old body down the beach in Miami this month have been giving us the kind of hot flashes we usually only feel around Zac Efron and Tom Daley.

But Phillippe isn’t the only teen dream that still has “it”  — thanks to our research in collaboration with the Queerty Scientific Research Initiative, we’ve found that nearly 60% of all the men you loved in the ’90s are still pretty damn hot.

Below, check out ten smokin’ heartthrobs you spent the better half of 1997 searching for on AOL, and tell us which one you’d still take home today.


Freddie Prinze Jr.


James Van Der Beek


Chris Klein


Will Smith


Matthew Lillard


Mark-Paul Gosselaar


Ryan Phillipe


Mark Wahlberg


Mario Lopez


Kirk Cameron


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  • Billy Budd

    If you lined them all up for me, I would pick Ryan Phillipe without hesitation.

  • pierrot

    Where’s Ian Ziering? ;)

  • Harley

    Mark Walberg for sure. But surely, Kirk F¥cking Cameron? You have got to be kidding Queerty.

  • skylerbound

    Mark Paul. FOR SURE. UNFFF

  • masc4masc

    lol @ Kirk Cameron still getting more votes than Matt Lillard.

  • Hillers

    The Cameron add is genius. Spectacular, even.

  • vive

    Cameron was 80s, not 90s.

  • Milk

    Like holding a bible is so sexy……..unless he make sweet sweet love to me on the altar of the church…and talk dirty in the confession booth….someone who is so uptight about the gays got to be really nasty in the bedroom….if it’s scat, I’m out of there!!

  • DarkZephyr

    @Harley: I’m pretty sure they added that for hilarity’s sake and for me it worked. I got a nice chortle out of it.

  • tjr101

    I grew up crushing on Ryan Phillipe, too bad he’s not been on the movie seen for a while. He definitely can still get it.

  • masc4masc

    it’s definitely gonna be btw ryan phillipe and mark-paul gosselaar for most guys. hmmm…whose hole would I like to tongue punch more? tough one.

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    I wouldn’t take any of them home, but Mario Lopez has aged the best of the lot.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Jonty Coppersmith: Wow! How’s the air up there in impossibly high standards land?

  • Isaac

    Matt Lillard looks like ass even moreso than in the past. Nice guy, but who had a crush on him? Oh, and that facial hair is nasty as hell.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I would take all of them home – especially Kirk Cameron. Someone needs to teach him what he’s been missing while running off his mouth.

  • Alton

    Mark Paul Gosselar, easy. But I’d hate-fuck the shit out of Kirk Cameron in a second.

  • vive

    Lopez has indeed aged well, but he is about as sexy as a plastic houseplant. Philippe is the sexiest now.

  • James Hart

    Just love Will Smith’s body today!

  • siltor67

    will smith is atrocious

  • Paco

    I would say Mario Lopez, but lately he has been looking like he is using too many injectables on his face. His face has looked swollen, puffy and unnatural a few times on his tv show Extra. I’ll go with the runner up, Mark-Paul.

  • Tackle

    I agree about Mario’s face looking unnatural. I would also say the bady looks unnatural also. Too Chemically enhanced for my taste…
    For me, a tie between Mark-Paul Gosselar, and
    Ryan Phillipe. And I also love the addition of Kirk Cameron in the mix.

  • davidwesleyhorn

    I don’t know… me old fashioned, but when I fuck a guy I want a guy in bed with me….sorry ML, the bod is kickin’ but when I hear that littl girl voice eek out it would end it for me….

  • stranded

    That old photo of Freddie Prinze Jr. sitting down; man i had a copy of that which i folded up and hid away only to pull it out and look at it secretly. I was so in love with him.

  • ousooner1997

    I voted Mario but my top 3 are all in the running for the win; MPG, Mario and Ryan.

  • money718

    Ryan looks great. Wow.

  • Ryan26pdx

    For me it’s a tie between Mario Lopez and Ryan Phillipe. As for Kirk Cameron (ha, ha), perhaps all he needs is the crazy f*cked out of him. God knows he’s probably someone’s secret bitch already though.

  • BECQueerty

    Chris Klein doesn’t look different at all. I don’t remember Mark-Paul, but wouldn’t kick him out of bed. Mario is… too perfect? (I wish I had that problem.) However, Ryan Phillipe is my walking rough-trade fantasy! My goodness! Smokin’!! Ryan and I are going to double stuff Kirk and make him realize what kneeling is really for. >:-)

  • Suburban

    I had a crush on Kirk Cameron back then, sad what an a-hole he turned out to be. Ryan P was hot and still is…

  • robertkalin

    WTF? Kirk Cameron? Why did you even PUT him on this list?

  • mattntpa53

    It is unfortunate that so many gay men only see the physical side of people. Yes K Cameron is considered “attractive”. The same way hitler (small h on purpose) got 30,000 marriage proposals.

    By the way, its hard to be self righteous when I looked at these photos as well as you all did. Oops. LOL

  • NateB79

    I can’t believe how scruffy and smoking hot James Van Der Beek became! I think everyone but Kirk still has it.

  • vive

    It is interesting that most of them have improved and look better now than when they were jailbait.

  • captainburrito

    Mark Lopez looks better than he did in the 90s…

  • Luis Collazo

    Ryan Phillipe of course one of the hottest men on earth!

  • Nate Gallagher

    They all look great, except Kirk Cameron… he looks like a giant douche.

  • Luis Collazo

    Why don’t y’all post DJ Pauly d and Vinny from jersey shore they are hot Guido’s!

  • Bry Bry Ona Cruz

    Ryan Philippe and I never considered Will Smith a heartthrob.

  • Byron Rene

    They not 90s they were famous after 2000

  • Timothy Herbert

    i want an ‘all-of-them’ button…

  • Luis Collazo

    OK then vanilla ice Eminem and Timberlake still look hot

  • Michael Miller

    Omg Freddie Prinze Jr, yes lord! *fans self. Sorry, flash back lol.

  • Ricco Galmore

    Ryan Philippe….hands down. He looks better with age ??

  • Blake Baines

    Mario Lopez & Freddie Prinze Jr will always get it for me! I guess I’m into Latinos! I still like Ricky Martin!

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