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    “The A list??? ROTFLMAO!!!!! On a VERY good day a reality “star” may qualify for membership on a D+ list…………

  • Jack

    ‘Reichen Lehmkuhl, the 36-year-old pilot reality star-cum-model?’

    He models cum? Can he model mine?

  • BubbasBack

    Is this the season’s top comedy? Burp.

  • Qjersey

    Ruiz is A-list, but can did he skip the crystal during filming?

    Reichen. He is not different from the typical pretty gym built gay boy. There are hotter (and better hung) men out there.

    The rest are just EWWWW. The type that think who they are.

    You may be “A-list” but you’re still fugly and pudgy. Good luck on that sugar daddy hunt.

  • Qjersey

    re: can/Did he, lol

  • DCMetro

    A-Lister’s?! LMAO. Vapid queens and a man whose claim to fame is supplied by dating the member of a former boy band? I do believe that is the D-List. Be able to get into a nightclub doesn’t make you famous, it makes you a scene queen. Enjoy blowing whatever drug everyone around is doing up your nose! When I think of any NYC A-List, names like Anderson Cooper come to mind. A celebrity and Vanderbilt, sounds like a start!

  • Blaine Ward

    Oh dear, the Reichen Thing is still clinging to his loooong over 15 minutes.

  • randy

    Anyone who has to proclaim that he is a A lister isn’t.

  • randy

    This show is so objectionable and idiotic on so many grounds, I just don’t know where to begin.

    And WHO, pray tell, would want to spend two minutes with any of these guys, let alone have ‘access’ to them?

  • ChristopherM

    These people make me want to commit a hate crime.

  • IzzyLuna

    insert high nasaly-girly voice here: “Being on the A-List in New York is like all about access. Oh my God, yah. Yah, we’re so famous. We have a personal designer on call. Good Lord these queens are irritating and that’s just the preview.

    BORING and completely worthless.

  • jesus

    LOGO, giving more ammunition to homophobes with every new show it produces. *sigh*

  • TheDListGay

    The little respect I had for Mike Ruiz is gone … this show is full of dicks. Sad, pathetic, idiotic dicks. Shit like this makes me embarrassed to be a gay homosexual in NYC and are a pretty good illustration as to why I avoid Chelsea and The Pines.

  • [email protected]

    As long as the show features plenty of cat fights on par with Real Housewives of New Jersey, I’m in. But I am worried about the nasal voices and their long term effect on my brain.


    They are really ratcheting the publicity to get attention for this series! They just released a naked picture of Reichen!! :p


  • spider_orchid

    Meh, I think I’ll pass unless absolutely NOTHING else is on. To be honest I’m kind of tired of the whole shallow gym bunny/bitchy queen/sleazy daddy preying on younger men gay stereo types. Its not entertaining or funny and it just makes the rest of us look like them. I don’t know, I’d rather just have a funny sitcom with gay men that ISN’T a fucking stereotype. I can dream. *SIGH*

  • Paul

    One step forward……two steps back……this show makes me embarrassed to admit I’m gay! Why must they torture us with these vapid stereotypes???? WTF??!!

  • Black Pegasus

    I agree with most of the comments here ..

    This show is designed to tap into that compartment of vanity and superficial vapidness that unfortunately exists in most gay men.
    We have only ourselves to blame, because despite our disgust about this show, it will be a rantings bonanza for the network. One can only imagine the negative effects shows like this have on young Gay Males, and the perceptions held by non-gay people…

    Boycott this Bullshit!

  • CPT_Doom

    Seriously, this is what Logo thinks will draw in viewers? Seriously?!

    I could not imagine a group of people I would like to spend less time with, with the exception of any of the ladies on the “Real Housewives” franchises. I guess I’m too busy living my boring, non A-list life. You know, working, seeing friends, caring about my community and not the status of the club I did meth at last night.

  • L.

    @Jack: Only if you’re a star.

  • Geoff B

    What a bunch of douchebags.

  • JamieJame

    Some queen TJ is the Best Friend that Ryan speaks about in his interview..he does some lifecast for that Julia Allison Site NonSociety!! Self Indulgent and Self obsessed…what a mess this should be!!

  • Scott in NYC

    I think I speak for the gay New York community when I say thanks for perpetuating the worst of gay stereotypes. This obsession with A-List, access is completely antithetical to happiness, to say nothing of self-worth. Ugh.

  • Miles

    I think I just threw up a little. This is really gross!

  • Jospeh

    How could you be “A-List” when you work in a clothes shop?

  • L.

    @Jospeh: Well, it works if your name is ‘Dolce’, or ‘Gabbana’, but otherwise, yes – good question.

  • Cockandtailtime

    At least it appears that egos aren’t the only fat things on the show.

  • ff

    Eew…this series must be produced by a straight team, catered initially to the breeder audience and now picked up Logo.
    The hetero audience prefer to see the gay population caricatured as “Fab” beings. No wonder young girls look for GBF these days, and tout them around like their latest It bags around their arms!

  • hephaestion

    Wow, that ad is so embarrassing it makes me want to go back into the closet.

  • Sacramento


  • BubbasBack

    So, what exactly does the A in A-list stand for? Asshole? Asswipe? Ass? Asinine? Just wondering. Burp.

  • Tylertime

    I’m confused. I hate the term “A-List”. I have friends that are uber successful wall street bankers, lawyers, doctors, theatre producers, etc. but none of them go around saying they are “A-List”. They are grounded, nice guys that have worked hard to get where they are.

    Not sure what makes the guys on this show “A-List”. Does the “A” stand for “aspirational”? Many of these guys seem a little old to have not succeeded yet. If they are “A-List” why don’t they have homes in the Hamptons, Fire Island, etc? Anyone who is truly “A-List” doesn’t have to go around saying it. Seems like this show is more the WANNABES OF NYC? How many of them are even from NYC? Aren’t that Reichen guy and his bf from CA?

  • Kyle412

    I’m 23. If I’m Ruiz and Reichen’s age and I think being “A-List” means being on a bad reality show than just take away my gay card now. Sad for me to see that guys that age don’t have their acts together and are still seduced by fame. Haven’t they figured out that there are more important things in life?

  • Dogstar

    I’m thinking the A in A-List stands for asshole.

  • Troy M

    Well, There is always the remaining 10 years of “Buffy”.

    I was really hoping this wasn’t going to be as tacky as “Housewives” but once again LOGO has outdone itself with “tacky”.

    While others in the LGBTQ community are fighting for Civil Rights, this vapid queen is calling his “personal designer” on speed dial. For what? Big girl pants? This is what LOGO thinks we want in programing and I, for one, am insulted.

    Hey LOGO!! Give us something real to aspire to and admire. This ain’t it.

  • Sidney

    Queerty bitches about Obama and yet gives no snide comments to this HORRIBLE thing for the Gay community.

  • wompman

    Ah Reichen, putting the “whore” in famewhore, every step of the way.

    So many sad and wrong things with this picture, but if reality TV has taught us nothing else, there is an endless supply of clowns in denial willing to look like idiots for a miniscule teaspoon full of notoriety.

  • TonyD

    If they were truly “A-List,” wouldn’t they be confident enough to want some privacy, instead of making a spectacle of themselves? Even eccentric icons have an enigmatic side (Cher, Bjork, Elton John for example).

  • Jeremy

    This is a very powerful program. I watched the preview once and it cure my constipation. Hopefully I will never have to watch a full episode, otherwise I might be killed by diarrhea.

  • Andrew

    I agree with everyone’s comments (especiall No 39 Jeremy LOL). However, I have to be honest and I will probably watch at least the first episode so I can be horrified and throw up in my mouth a little.

  • Rick Brannon

    Effeminate Gasp!

    Reichen is still relevant?

    When I knew him back at the Academy, we called him Ricky!!

    If I remember properly, we both went to our first gay bar in Denver, just up the road from Colorado Springs!

  • BubbasBack

    @Rick Brannon: And he had big ears, which he got pinned back with plastic surgery, among many other things he got “fixed”. Burp.

  • MakeItNotBeTrue

    Let’s see: this piece of mierda show – reading this LOGO minions? – has a dimwit plastic Ken doll who dates music has-beens and is obsessed with being famous; a big headed, rapidly aging, narcissistic photographer who shoots a lot of other stuff other than pics; and a moronic, insufferable fat bitch who has a personal stylist. LOLOL. I think I may burst my aorta watching this garbage.

  • Jake S

    Will no doubt set gay cause back 20 years.

  • Ivan

    I cant stop watching the trailer, its a train wreck.

    I’ll watch the first episode online and then be so disgusted that I’ll shun the rest of the season…like I did with the RHOx.

  • Craig

    Oh boy, more cable TV vulgarity and debauchery. My kingdom for a positive and proper gay role model…

    The only upside I see is that Joel McHale (swoon!) will have more grist. He’s the only thing on TV that makes sense anymore.

  • Jezebel Spirit

    That made me want to vomit. Lordy, when did we become like the rest of Them?

  • JamieJame

    I also hear that gay TJ from is on this show as well…..What a Mess he is promoting it for a while!!

  • TanyaHyde

    All the negative and nasty comments posted about a show which none of you have yet viewed a full episode of – is making my day!!

    Just imagine all the fun we’ll have posting when this bitch of a show is canceled!

    Fellas, you rock…..

  • TanyaHyde

    All the negative and nasty posted comments about a show which none of you – as of yet – have viewed a full episode of is – making my day!!

    Just imagine all the fun we’ll have posting when this bitch of a show is canceled!

    Fellas, you reaffirm the genuineness of most self-actualized gay men and you simply rock…..

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    This show is embarrassing :/

  • No maa'm

    Really, this is what Logo is forcing on the world?
    You know, I heard they started filming this in 2004 when all these queens were still relevant but editing all the blow and tina pipes out took 6 years!
    As a drag queen, I can put on a fierce look and get into any club, in NYC I want.
    and no MIke I don’t know where the “party’s” at . As a boy it isn’t that hard either, anyone spent any time in NYC knows enough promoters to get into any club, skip the line yadda yadda yadda… it’s not THAT hard. So way to go “A-list”
    Yea, I might be a limelight loving A-list or even D-list wannabe bitch. But I take my botox money and support the Harvey Milk school, the Ali Forney center, or the True Colors fund.
    I continue a long tradition of NYC queens ready to throw the first brick, fight for everyone to have equal rights, (cause the not so great thing about NYC queen is that we can marry in every state around us but not our own, you still feel like you’re treated like one of the straights?)
    And I’m not willing to lie down while our youth looks to these arrogant self-righteous imbeciles as role models.
    I look forward to this shows first season ending in re-runs of Buffy.
    Guys, if you absolutely must watch the first episode… just to see, please download it somewhere don’t give this show any ratings.

  • Joe

    I’ll watch, for sure, but I’m sure I’ll be laughing at these tools all along the way.

    This show also highlights a lot of what I hated about the hipsters who have ruined NYC since the Giuliani years (zip it, haters, I grew up there): shallow, overly interested in career, status, and image, and completely lacking in interest in anything or anyone unless it can get them into the next level of hot parties and social circles.

  • Lowly Assistant

    Considering our production company turned down everywhichway Reichen try to pitch, try to get a meeting, try to weasel himself a role onto one of our shows for the last 3 years, then he had to MOVE to NY to do this situational reality show, and wrangled his barely english speaking Ryan Barry replacement into it, whoever named this show will be getting me coffee soon.
    This isn’t even the Real Housewives when most of them at least had REAL JOBS.
    They have had to scramble to set up situations where it looks like Reichen is still relevant and even has a job, and whoever else these queens are, they do not represent successful gay men. Those men are not famewhores who want to be on reality television shown not doing anything.

    My company at least produces shows with real famous people who can get in real media outlets and do events and have careers, which is why Reichen Failed to pass a pitch with us. Will not be watching this trainwreck. and hope the mainstream knows better than to look at us this way.

  • BrockaFan

    I love me some Ongina, and good fun like RuPaul’s DragRace, but I’m really disappointed that Logo has gone the way of straight channels and is wasting programming dollars on reality shite like this.
    What about Rick and Steve Season 3? Sordid Lives? Smart, weekly programming by gay writers and producers who employed real actors in our community and not vapid wastes of spraytans and creatine powder. Disappointed in Logo for sure.

  • Joe

    BockaFan.. totally in agreement. If I tune in one more time to see old reruns of “Buffy”, I’m going to give up. Sadly, “A List” almost seems exciting and fun in comparison to the stuff they’ve been showing all summer.

  • Soupy

    Bright lights, big titties.

  • kenny

    Wow so many egos big heads botox and plastic surgery.It’s shows like this that make me walk back into that closet and lock the door.What kind of representation for our community is this show supposed to be anyways? Showing the egotistical superficial arrogant part of our community? What a joke.

  • The Milkman

    If there’s a list that I’d avoid any more strenuously than this “A-List”, then I simply don’t know what it is.

    People will likely watch this show in modest numbers, just as they do the Real Housewives and other similar dreck. They will do this for the same reason they slow down to gawk at car crashes.

  • Mike Fitzpartick

    Seriously, I cannot believe the comments these people are making. Negative stereotypes? If this is how they act they are not stereotypes they are personalities. If you do not want to watch don’t watch. If you want more earnest programming showing gay people the way they really live then sit in your living room with friends record it and watch it back, I am sure you will dfall asleep from your own boredom.
    It’s TV, no real “A-Listers” would ever do a reality show, they would film a documentary about themselves where they have total control.
    Everyone on here needs to call their doctor and take a Xanax, chill out and stop being so serious. What are you all doing on here but acting as vicious as the people/shows you are commenting on. Take a look in the mirror because you are showing you also possess these stereotypes, you are just not dynamic enough to be on TV.
    Have a great day!

  • lancemullholland

    Reichen HAD potential as a role model (due to his book on DADT), but he’s a major disappointment on this show (36 years old, and being a slave to his cell phone while making out with his b.f. – TIREsome & rude ! ) Derek is that mean, vicious ‘lil Southern Baptist woman queen who lives to “make his life SO hell” (regarding Austin). WHY does gay kultur have to be portrayed this way ? Is it because it’s true that we’re merely living STEREOTYPES of ourselves???

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