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Which Actor Shops for His Red Silk Panties via Catalog?

BLIND ITEMS — “Personal Assistants to celebrities are the biggest secret keepers in Hollywood. They typically sign confidentiality agreements which legally prohibit them from divulging anything about their employer during or after their tenure. The PA to one big actor, however, got a little loose-lipped after a couple of drinks on a recent night out. While the PA was unpacking the celeb’s luggage on a recent trip, they found a clothing catalog among his things. More specifically, it was a catalog of lingerie for men. The actor had circled several items in the catalog. In case you’re shopping for his birthday, he seems to favor red or pink silk panties in men’s size large.” [BlindGossip]

(The above video just seemed … apropos.)

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)