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Which Actress + Musician Will Hillary Clinton Form a Lesbian Love Triangle With In 2010?


First a self-important psychic makes the claim Chaz Bono will hook up with Kirstie Allie in 2010. But are you ready for the latest round of quacked out queer crystal ball predictions?

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, who endured a White House adulterer, is going to get it on with — count them! — two women in 2010. ” Anthony Carr, the psychic whose website bills him as “the world’s most documented psychic,” and who predicted a Tiger Woods controversy (PDF) that had nothing to do with cheating, says Hillary will get it on in a lesbian love triangle “with a musician and an actress, one of whom is a blonde,” according to something called FlashNews.

She’ll then have to go public because of a “violent confrontation.” Will Bill? With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Inquiring minds, people!