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Which Celeb Blogs Run By Gays Are Outing Anderson Cooper + Benjamin Maisani?

Posting photos of Anderson Cooper and Ben Maisani leaving the David Barton Gym in New York (the city’s gayest gym, and that’s a hard title to come by), the blog Just Jared, which is run by Jared Eng, refers to them as “pals.” Yeah, like Bert and Ernie are “pals.”

This is a departure from other celebrity blogs run by the gays: Posting the same photos, Dlisted‘s Michael K refers to Cooper’s partner as his “new full-time whore Benjamin Maisani,” while Pink Is The New Blog‘s Trent says he’s “rumored boyfriend Benjamin Maisani.”

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  • CooperComeOut!

    Cooper: when will you ever come out, queen?

  • whatevs

    You’ll say Jared is cute, but you leave out Michael K. Um, Okay.

  • Ed

    At times, it seems like most gay blogs are’nt written by grown men but catty high school-aged girls. Calling someone a “new full-time whore”? Yeah, THAT’S really a step up from calling someone a pal.

  • Lawrence

    Ill never understand why someone like Cooper isnt out of the closet…maybe because he travels to countries where he wouldnt be welcomed?

    Either way try to give the man some peace, he knows hes a mo, we know hes a mo, so whats with all the posts about him? Hell come out when hes ready.

  • mk

    @Ed: In context the whore thing is a joke. The dlisted guy has a running joke that he has a stalker level crush and delusions about Anderson Cooper and a crazy jealousy against anyone who dates with Anderson. He has some similar kind of jokes going about a couple other guy celebs.

    I like how when Anderson was going to Equinox it was announced to be the gayest gym in New York and now he’s going to Dave Barton it’s DB that takes the title. The queer force is so strong with Anderson that his membership tips any of the countless pretty damn gay gyms in the city into the category of gayest gym in New York?

  • Cal

    Only the most delusional fangurls will buy that Anderson and Ben are merely “pals”, is it really necessary to try to “protect” Anderson’s sexuality by labeling them that way? It’s stupid.

  • hephaestion

    Is that the David Barton Gym on 23rd Street? Dang! I was just walking by that place recently. If I’d known Anderson could be there I’d’ve poked my head in to see if I could get a glimpse of the old gray fox and his hunky boyfriend!

  • alan brickman

    Are they outing him more becaue he’s commenting On British Petroleum and the Gov’t inactin in the Gulf?…Just sayin….

  • Abe

    It seems to me that A.C. isn’t exactly hiding his sexuality. Just who is it that doesn’t know he’s gay? Maybe there are different levels of “out,” but at the least, his closet door is certainly open wide.

  • Michael

    For some reason, I thought this was going to be a story questioning why gay bloggers are outing people. Guess I was wrong.

  • Dancy

    @Lawrence: It may look like a duck and walk like a duck but some won’t be satisfied until they hear that duck quack to confirm his duckyness.

  • mike

    A.C is out. He has regularly been seen, out and about, for years, around the city with his boyfriends.

    He may not be out in the way you want him to be out, but he sure isn’t in the closet.

    The guy’s private life is his to share or not share. To note: he also doesn’t talk much about his Mom and being a Vanderbilt, and to the degree that he has talked about his own family’s tragedies, it has been forced on him by a prying public.

  • Revemupman

    He keeps himself nice for a old guy. Hope I can still maintain a nice body at that age.

  • Rob

    @mike: Yes, exactly.

  • Jason

    Andy’s a sliver fox

  • Brian

    @Revemupman: Yes, he does. I don’t know how old his is, but he looks great. I’ll take a man with a little non-steroidal beef over an emaciated twink or gym lizard any day of the week. And, it’s a bonus that this Ivy boy uses a subject and a predicate in the same sentence.

  • Red

    Hot looking couple. Now where’s the sex tape?

  • Dan

    Ben is hot as hell! Well done, Andy!

  • Zach


    He’s 43. How is that old?

    Honestly, I hate how much “ageist” is thrown around, but Jesus. Early 40s is not even close to being old.

  • ewe

    People do not have to come out and announce themselves to others they do not know particularly the masses of unknown people. I think it is very important that his sexual orientation is never used by him against him and that will not happen if it is not him that makes it a “scene”. Get over it. Anderson Cooper does more for the gay community than most of us.

  • ewe

    @Revemupman:Anderson cooper is not old, you are a twink is all.

  • ewe

    @Revemupman: And since you are such a stupid selfish ignorant cunt, let me put it more simply. People above 40 or so are grateful to be healthy and alive. Open up a history book on what gay people have gone through the generation before you Bitch.

  • Blair

    @ewe: (#21)I couldn’t agree more.

  • jeffree

    @Ewe: Once again you speak the truth,
    xo jeff

  • Correy

    How “out” must someone be? Anyone who lives in New York knows the man is hardly closeted. And 43 is old?! That’s just the beginning of “interesting” in my book.

  • Michael C.

    What is it with gay guys calling themselves queens and whores??? No wonder people like AC will not come out, which fyi, does not bother me!!!

  • Curty

    I agree @Abe: I agree… if you take someone with to vacations all over the world (Ben)and go to a VERY public oscar parties and seen through new york going to “gay” gyms and biking… what more is there to say? Andy has denied many things ( false reports on adopting) or leaving CNN or taking over for regis. He has never denied that he is gay even while being directly asked about it. Hardly seems the “straight” thing to do. lol :-)

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