Which Closet Cases Will Fall For The “Pretend To Be Gay For An Hour” Flyer?

Who is responsible for the “Rainbow Bus Club,” and is it real or an elaborate ruse? By Jove, Holmes, it’s a mystery! The Club was first mentioned in a mysterious flyer found in Kentucky that is purportedly looking for “straight men that wanna get together … and pretend to be gay for an hour or so.”

Whomever’s behind it, they have an adversarial relationship with typefaces.

According to the anonymous commenter on Reddit who first posted the flyer, the meetup will happen on June 18 at a Starbucks in Lexington. Attendees need to talk gay and dress gay, which we imagine means slyly murmuring the word “fabulous” and wearing nothing but a jockstrap made of penises.

Yes, it’s probably a fake—but we sooo want it to be the world’s most hilarious sting operation to catch closeted homophobes. If the GOP has taught us anything, it’s that these poor guys never met a self-destructive hookup they didn’t like. (Our favorite: Bob Allen, who explained that he offered to blow a dude in a bathroom because he was scared.) So which Bluegrass State legislators, Evangelical leaders or ex-gay therapists do you think will clear their calendar for this event?

Lexington readers, if you attend the meeting please, for the love of God, report your findings to us at [email protected].

But, remember, it’s hetero guys only—so you’ll have to first pretend to be straight and then pretend to be gay. Or if you’re a lesbian, pretend to be a man pretending to be straight pretending to be gay.

The rules for bisexuals are unclear, as usual.