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Which Condom Design Did New Yorkers Choose to Best Prevent The HIV?

Last month New Yorkers were given the opportunity of a lifetime: Select the design for the condom wrapper for the official NYC condom. And which did they pick?

Graphic designer Luis Acosta’s power button wrapper. It’s really the most boring one, but as we noted in our item about how all the designs made us think of gay sex, “In the age of Manhunt and Grindr, an electronic power button reminds us that you probably found your latest piece of ass online, so it’s only fitting that your condom should remind you where your latest upload is coming from. But if sex is less than electric, it just as easily reminds you what button to press again to prevent such encounters from ever happening in the future. What goes on must turn off.”

Yes, but will they make them for tiny wangs? And do they come in female/male-anal?