Which D.C. Newspaper Reporters Can Find More Gays Cruising the Grass on Grindr?

Do we really need a newspaper reporter walking around D.C. with her iPhone loaded with Grindr to discover homosexuals have infiltrated the nation’s capital? Of course not, but it sure makes for fun reporting.

The Washington Examiner wanted to see “how men, gay men, are connecting.” Nikki Schwab and Tara Palmeri discover the White House lawn, unlike some public parks, is not an ideal cruising spot. But inside the White House, where Press Sec. Robert Gibbs delivers his daily affirmations, everyone is looking!

This experiment sort of reminds me of the time, at 35,000 feet on a Virgin America flight, I decided to use Grindr to see if there were any seatmates looking to join the Mile High Club. There were! But they were all actually down on the ground, at the Baltimore airport, which I had just left (and which Virgin’s wifi network probably had me geo-located at).

But if watching straight waspy girls cruise Grindr isn’t your thing, then let the gays of Metro Weekly offer their competing experiment. Shockingly, they also found homosexual men signed on to a smartphone application.