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Which Direction Did Robert Gates’ Brow Furrow In Response To The Senate’s Failed DADT Repeal Vote?

I love reading Defense Sec. Gates’ reactions to the latest Senate screw ups regarding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, because as stoic as this man is in public, I feel like he might be a rageaholic behind closed doors. The latest peep from Gates came aboard a flight from Abu Dhabi (where he was meeting with the royals) to Washington this morning, where he told reporters he was “but not surprised” by lawmakers’ failed repeal vote, but, “There is still roughly a week left in the lame-duck session and so I would hope that the Congress would act to repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’” Each time I try to gauge whether he’s growing more nervous about a court deciding the fate of the law, and prohibiting he and the Pentagon from timing the military’s big coming out party, but the man is an iron wall! Or, an iron gate! Sure, he says things like, “My greatest worry will be that then we are at the mercy of the courts and all the lack of predictability that that entails,” but that’s just a talking point. Put some emotion into it, Bobert.

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  • reason

    Best defense Sec. in modern history.

  • Fitz

    Gates’ concern is that when the courts overturn it, they will do so unconditionally. If he had his way, it would be legislated… i.e, phased in over 30 years or only partial. When the courts do it, it will be 100% and overnight.

  • [email protected]

    SOOOOOO predictable that terminal Obambot “Reason” would think that the man who engineered the failure of even the “option to repeal” in Congress with the timeline of his needless, homophobic “study,” not to mention is STILL refusing to say when he’d PERMIT the “open service” he claims to want if it passed, hasn’t opposed the report’s outrageous, homophobic recommendation that gays and lesbian service members be officially DENIED equal access to the diversity programs and protections under the Military Equal Opportunity program afforded not just to people of color and women but even Wiccans, and is still refusing to apply the “Witt Standard” [after promising in February to release in March “new rules and procedures in light of the appeals court decision in ‘Witt versus the Department of the Air Force’ for the areas of the country covered by the appellate court”], and is not only still allowing the Air Force to fight Witt’s court-ordered readmission, but also personally fighting the LCR ruling….
    is “the greatest” something.

    Stockholm Syndrome much?[img][/img]

  • TommyOC

    You all are smoking some serious shyte.

    The vote that failed to pass was the Defense Authorization Bill. It failed because Republicans didn’t like the Democrats stonewalling discussion on the various amendments to the bill and not allowing Republicans to attach similar amendments. Of these amendments DADT being was one – but oddly enough, supposedly not the most contentious.

    The Republicans claimed they were being locked out of the process, something they arguably have grounds on, and in return withheld the few votes the Dems needed to move the thing forward.

    So, yeah… DADT didn’t fail. Sometimes the world doesn’t revolve around us… even when I myself sometimes wish it did.

  • reason

    @[email protected]: Sorry to tell you but this Secretaries carrier is not going to be judged on DADT, or even his time in the Obama administration alone. Gates has had an extraordinary life in public service, and while the progress is slow in Afghanistan he has done the impossible in Iraq.

  • jason

    I don’t trust Gates. I don’t trust Obama. Or should I say Fraud-bama?

    OK, Fraud-bama. Fraud-bama planned everything according to his grand scheme of denying us our rights. He is homophobic. Nothing he says is to be believed. His speeches are written by others with the aim of leading us up the garden path of hope and change. All he wants is our vote. Well, you’re not getting it any more, Fraud-bama.

  • Soupy

    You sound like a paranoid teabagger.

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