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Which Famous Actor Had Photos Of Him Sexing Other Dudes Land At a Tabloid Magazine?

BLIND ITEMS — Generally we post blind items, presented by other sites, as is. But this one is too obvious not to remind everyone of the clues. Like how a certain tabloid just published a cover story claiming a certain celebrity was involved in a “secret gay spa subculture.” And how that tabloid has a corporate sibling with a glossier sheen. So allow us to present:

“Big dilemma over at a major magazine. They are the first to receive multiple photos of a very famous actor in compromising positions with other men. So why aren’t they racing every other magazine and tabloid to press? Several reasons. First of all, the pics weren’t taken by a member of the magazine’s staff, and the submitter wants to see more money before granting permission for publication. Second, the magazine has a reputation for taking the high road when it comes to salacious stories, and running one contrary to type would certainly fly in the face of tradition. It could also make other stars pause before granting interviews in the future. Finally, they know they would get sued. So now they are running the numbers. They need to figure out if the boost in sales and circulation – of what would likely be their best-selling issue in history – will offset the negatives.”

[via BlindGossip]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)