Mac Attack

Which Gay Circuit DJ Had His Laptop Trashed By An Angry Boyfriend?

Slam dunk da' Mac
Slam dunk da’ Mac

Something went down last night. Something went down very hard onto a solid floor. We’re talking about DJ Phil Romano‘s laptop, smashed to pieces by an angry boyfriend. Here’s the damage…

The Circuit Party and gay scene DJ, resident in Barcelona, is a big hit in Europe. He’s remixed the likes of Shakira and Lady Gaga and plays at gigs all over the continent. Most recently he played in Sydney as part of the Mardi Gras celebrations.

What provoked such wrath is unclear — however the couple are known to have pretty visible, turbulent rows when out partying in Barcelona.

The quickest, and probably most ruthless way to piss off your superstar DJ boyfriend is to destroy his laptop. Phil wrote:

“This is what happen when u have a crazy bf. love is so over rated be carefull the smaller the nastier!!”

The couple in happier times…

That end remark is probably about Phil’s (ex?) boyfriend (pictured left) being around 5’5, compared to the DJ who’s just under 6 foot. 

To make matters worse, the Mac hadn’t been backed-up for over three months, with at least two original tracks now completely lost. House vocalist Peyton Christopher was one of many to share their shock at the ‘Mac Attack:’

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But what did Phil do to cause such rage?…

The original post on Facebook has since been deleted, but you can check it out here.