Mac Attack

Which Gay Circuit DJ Had His Laptop Trashed By An Angry Boyfriend?

Slam dunk da' Mac
Slam dunk da’ Mac

Something went down last night. Something went down very hard onto a solid floor. We’re talking about DJ Phil Romano‘s laptop, smashed to pieces by an angry boyfriend. Here’s the damage…

The Circuit Party and gay scene DJ, resident in Barcelona, is a big hit in Europe. He’s remixed the likes of Shakira and Lady Gaga and plays at gigs all over the continent. Most recently he played in Sydney as part of the Mardi Gras celebrations.

What provoked such wrath is unclear — however the couple are known to have pretty visible, turbulent rows when out partying in Barcelona.

The quickest, and probably most ruthless way to piss off your superstar DJ boyfriend is to destroy his laptop. Phil wrote:

“This is what happen when u have a crazy bf. love is so over rated be carefull the smaller the nastier!!”

The couple in happier times…

That end remark is probably about Phil’s (ex?) boyfriend (pictured left) being around 5’5, compared to the DJ who’s just under 6 foot. 

To make matters worse, the Mac hadn’t been backed-up for over three months, with at least two original tracks now completely lost. House vocalist Peyton Christopher was one of many to share their shock at the ‘Mac Attack:’

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.12.08

But what did Phil do to cause such rage?…

The original post on Facebook has since been deleted, but you can check it out here.

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  • Grrrowler

    I’m less shocked by the idea of an enraged boyfriend taking out his frustrations on the laptop, and more shocked that someone who makes his living with said laptop wouldn’t back it up more frequently.

  • Tackle

    So you’re a well known DJ, the world over,and this is your livelihood, and you haden’t had anything “backed up” for over THREE MONTHS??
    And love the part about, “the smaller the nastier.”

  • Jessie R

    If he’s willing to shell out a few hundred dollars or maybe more, depending on how bad the damage is, he can send the hard drive away to have the data recovered.

  • Bob LaBlah

    I have a sinking feeling these two have not broken up.

    On a personal note I always did think Mac’s are over priced and over rated. I have a 2010 27″ I-mac that I bought when I retired more for decoration than for real need. The newer version cost the same price but does NOT come with a dvd slot. I kid you not. When the young twenty-something sales clerk noticed my expression he would no longer make eye contact. I also notice no one on that floor working looked a day over twenty-five and I would give the manager thirty-two at best. I would not be surprised if Apple’s mentality is “if you were stupid enough to shell out that kind of money (right at $2k) why not have your dumb ass spend even more buying what you want to watch and listen to from us on I-tunes”.

    By the way, I am well aware it was a laptop that got broken (or at least in the picture) but still, this now full of shit company will stick it to you one way or another. Stay tuned, young twinks, the newest useless gadget (I-phone 6) will be out soon so you can switch into the store and spend your $10 and hour salary on it. Just do like last time and say the hell with the rent. That $700 will look good against your ear as you switch across the beach talking about absolutely NOTHING that couldn’t be done on a land line once you get back to your latest sugar daddy’s apartment or house.

  • Ron Jackson

    They need a new tag called “who gives a fuck”

  • Stache1

    Well, he’s only 5’5 so next time just put it out of reach which is just about everywhere.

  • hyhybt

    The drive itself (especially if it’s an SSD, which is likely given the looks of the remains) is probably fine. In which case, no need for a recovery service, just get any of a variety of SATA-to-USB adapters, docks, etc., and copy what you want to the new machine. (If the new one is also a Mac, use Migration Assistant and you won’t even know you’ve changed hardware.) But most important: stay away from that guy. It’s a very short step from doing that to your computer to doing it to you.

  • EdWoody

    He’s a former porn star as well, btw.

  • Luke Skywalker

    Phil Romano has a long history of unstable relationships.
    His relationships with his 2 boyfriends before this one were also filled with drama & violent acts.
    The question is who really is the trigger here?
    Maybe the chemical substances in his blood??

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