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Which Gay-For-Pay Kissing Are You More Excited For: Leo + Armie, Or Matt + Michael?

I know what you’re thinking: Will Leonard DiCaprio and Armie Hammer win the straight actor kissing war with J. Edgar as they battle Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in Liberace? The latter pair will be sharing “more than one” kiss, says Damon, while Leo and Armie have already filmed some of their kissing scenes. But here’s what I’m thinking: Which one of these men will take home an Academy Award for so bravely playing gay?

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  • kernelt

    both actor are great and I love them but for god sake the film is not out yet. And for all I know the film could have been a wreck, who know. Though I can’t wait to see it…

  • Chupa Chups

    Stop use this term “GAY FOR PAY”!!!!!!!!!!!! We must say that male bisexuality is a ordinary thing! Only fashion on male bisexuality will bring freedom to gay guys!!!!

  • Chupa Chups

    Segregation is a basis for discrimination!

  • The sane Francis

    Is it gay for pay if you’re really not straight? Just asking. (and yes, also implying certain things about specific individuals)

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Lots of great actors are passed over for parts, simply because they dare to be openly gay.

    When a queer actor gets an award for “bravely” playing straight, I will shut up. Until then–fuck Hollywood’s anti-gay bias towards actors.

  • ChiGuy76

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Here! Here!

    I am not excited for either one. In fact, I’m getting kind of insulted here. Wow, more straight (or “straight”) actors playing it gay. Yippee! More openly gay actors passed over for gay roles. More closeted actors getting the message that in order to get good roles they need to remain in the closet and thus preventing them from living an open life. We’re good enough to be the support behind the camera but not in front?

    Is this what Hollywood wants to teach LGBTQ youth who wish to be performers? Is this how “it gets better?”

  • AAA

    Is this what Hollywood wants to teach LGBTQ youth who wish to be performers? Is this how “it gets better?”

    Last time I checked the main focus of Hollywood is to make money. Not everything in this world has make some sort of political message behind it. I am sure as long as these 2 movies are factual and not too far fetched they will send a positive message.

  • Lefty

    Well, I’m excited about anything with Matt Damon in (swoon!), and I’d rather see a film about Liberace than Hoover. Having said that, I’d rather see Damon kissing Armie Hammer than Michael Douglas.
    I find DiCaprio strangely sexless.

  • Squatty

    Ack! I’m nauseated at the thought of any of these elitist Hollywood snobs locking lips.

  • Giovannidude

    I’d like to see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne again, but this time forget he’s straight.

  • Todd

    Matt Damon should win the Oscar. Or at least hazardous duty pay — having to kiss Michael Douglas sounds frightening.

  • Kojacque Tenfour

    Flamenco Tanka….
    Shirtless Matt-adore,
    Whirl your bike helmet-for-bull,
    Twirl your red silk shirt,
    Pool-side by moonlight, ballet,
    Lee key-dance Malaguena

  • dicloniusreaper

    @Chupa Chups:

    Shut the fuck up, retard.

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