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Which Gay TV Character Is Going To Go Bi?

FICTIONAL BLIND ITEMS — “The question of sexual disorientation arises after the confirmed bachelor has an encounter with a pivotal member of the opposite gender. (A close encounter, I’d imagine!) Afterwards, he’s forced to consider the possibility that he swings both ways. The curve ball is sure to spark controversy, as well as perhaps a little disappointment. But on the flip side, at least the show will be giving hope to the hetero female viewers who’ve long wished the character played for their team. But the hope may be fleeting. I’m told by the episode’s end, there will be some resolution. I just don’t know yet, er, which way it’ll go.” [TV Line]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • Devon

    Yeah this won’t end well.

  • Kammm

    I honestly don’t think it’s Glee. One – Kurt has already had his sexual confusion in season one. Two – Blaine is still fairly new to the show, and has professed his gay love publicly in a GAP to another male. Three – It says “confirmed bachelor.” I don’t see teenaged characters being referred to as bachelors.

  • Cam

    It’s amazing, if you watch TV or the movies you would think that every single gay guy out there is actually bi and just waiting for the right woman.

  • hephaestion

    They’d better NOT try to make Darren Criss’s character on “Glee” a bisexual! If they do, 75% of all gay youth will simultaneously committ suicide and Ryan Murphy will have to live with THAT.

    Blaine is the best thing to happen to Gaydom in decades. They’d BETTER not take him away from us. Just sayin’.

  • hephaestion

    You think there’s trouble in Cairo right now? Just watch what happens here if they try to make Blaine bi!

  • Aaron

    @Cam: What universe do you live in? I can count the number of bi male characters from tv shows and movies on my two hands.

    @hephaestion: I’d love it if it was Blaine from Glee- it’d be great to see all the bitchy queens get their knickers in a twist. “BUT BI MEN DON’T EXIST HOW CAN YOU DO THIS??????? BAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!”

    I highly doubt it’s Glee though. They don’t have the guts to do that. Also because of what post no. 2 said, and because the caption below the article says “Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report”.

  • Jax

    As a confirmed member of the rainbow brigade I honestly think that including bi guys or girls in a program might be a good thing. Regardless of pref. Hasn’t anyone thought that many confirmed “gay” people have questioned that. We always see the straight to gay transition but rarely do we see it a more complex than that i.e. real. We have preached for decades that we want inclusion and tolerance but usually fail to offer it to those who do not fall into the broad scale of what most publications and media consider to be the normal end of gay culture. At the end of the day the point is that we do have a moniker of lgBtq I believe that means that all sides of the sexual world get coverage. So if they want someone who swings both sides of the fence . go for it. they always show it with girls. Maybe if they show it with a male character then we could see something akin to “real” portrayal in television. I mean that is what everyone wants right? Inclusion

  • Ken S

    Wait, how ‘blind’ can a blind item about a fictional character on TV be? I mean presumably this isn’t “reporting” something that somebody’s friend who works in the bank randomly pulled out of their ass over coffee. To be worth repeating, privy information has to have come from some knowledgeable source. So who’s the source of this? If- just for an example- it’s the lighting director on Glee, then we could look at that show’s characters for a candidate. In fact I’d submit that *the only way* for it to be a ‘blind item’ is to deny us the very source whose position makes the information the least bit legitimate, to deliberately create ambiguity where there needn’t be any. That isn’t “blind,” it’s blindfolded.

  • scott ny'er

    @Aaron: are you being facetious? usually the disclaimer means that picture is EXACTLY about the post.

  • Pete

    Isn’t Darren like 5 feet tall?

  • Blake J

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but there are still so many gay men that fake feelings for women, as a way to deny being gay, so if men do actually have attractions to both sexes, they would jump on it and not just declare themselves gay.

    So there is no sudden realization that a gay man is bisexual, because it still takes bravery to isolate yourself from the hetero-normatic society by coming out in the first place!

    It is just a way to throw a bone at the straight female fans, because if they piss off the “queers”, who cares?

    Plus there are a lot of Darren Criss fans that would have preferred him to be with a women.

  • Blake J

    @Blake J:
    Correction to previous post: Plus there are a lot of Darren Criss (female) fans that would have preferred his character, Blaine to be with a woman.

    I would totally accept Blaine magically becoming bisexual, if at the same time Sam (Chord Overstreet) realizes he is bisexual and Kurt gets his football playing boyfriend.

    No offense to Max Adler, who is doing a great job as Dave Karosky (the closet case who bullied Kurt), but a bisexual Sam with Kurt would be some much fresher and therefore interesting!

  • McMike

    Has there ever been a heterosexual male character that realizes he might be bisexual?

    btw, Glee is going to piss off a lot of people if it’s Blaine. He’s the best gay character on TV and it would be highly offensive to many people if Glee took this route.

  • Jack

    Could it be Barney (NPH) from “How I Met Your Mother”?


    If it’s Kurt/Blaine, then I will for sure give up on this piece of crap show. He’s the best gay character on TV. Why does he suddenly need to be bi? Don’t jump the shark!

  • rob

    It can’t be GLEE. The Santana/Brit relationship already fills their lesbian/bisexual quota, LOL! Besides, I doubt the writers would be dumb enough to piss off so many Kurt/Blaine fans. There’s nothing wrong with bisexuality or bisexual characters on TV. but for me personally, it was nice to see young openly gay men that I could relate to and both men and women love. To turn either of their characters bisexual is just lame. There are enough love octagons on the show that it’s turning into crappy soap.

  • Guy

    Oh gee, what a tremendously informative article. Some character, from some show might be bi. That kind of announcement should come with a spoiler alert. And more on that character thinks he might like girls but will be resolved in the end. So basically nothing will come of it? Seems like it was a slow news day for gay related gossip.

  • Zach


    In theory, I’d have no problem with a bisexual character on the show. But I think a lot of trepidation with this is the concern that it might be a cynical attempt to de-gay a character to appeal to a different fanbase (e.g. Blaine becomes bisexual and never exhibits an interest in another man again).

    That being said, bisexuality done well is a welcome addition to a show, provided that previous sexuality isn’t completely discarded as a phase. I’ve experience enough of that in my life as it is.

  • jason

    Portrayals of male bisexuals on American TV have been non-existent. This is due to the fact that the liberals who make TV shows don’t like the concept of male bisexuality. They’re afraid of it.

    Male bisexuality represents the mainstreaming of male-male sexuality. Liberals don’t want male-male sexuality mainstreamed. They’re quite happy when it’s segregated away into the gay concept but they’re horrified when it comes into the mainstream under the bisexual concept.

    On the other hand, liberals embrace female bisexuality. They’ve been doing this ever since the sexual revolution began. This is why portrayals of female-female sexuality in the mainstream media are often presented in terms of feminine women who are dabbling in female-female sexuality for the benefit of a straight male pervert. Her bisexuality is designed for him, not her.

  • Holy Shit!

    I actually don’t think Blaine is ZOMG the best gay character on TV right now. He’s kind of boring, to tell you the truth.

  • Me

    Well if this is suppose to be a good thing, then they should do it to a professed STRAIGHT character. There’s PLENTY of them to go around. Don’t they dare take away from the already few gay characters in TV Land. Don’t even toy with that idea!!!!

  • Curtis

    Glee is a crap show anyway.

  • Max Campbell

    We must advance male bisexuality. It is our last chance to overcome vile double standards. Majority of men are bisexual!

  • Max Campbell

    Propaganda of “female bisexuality” make free female homosexual behaviour in general.

  • Blake J

    @Max Campbell: You are absolutely right that male bisexuality needs to better represented in television, etcetera.

    But it is so much more likely that a previously unrealized bisexual guy is one that has denied (or not taken not of) his same-sex attractions as opposed to his opposite-sex attractions.

    Plus there are so many more straight characters available to make bisexual, but a very limited stock of gay characters.

  • Max Campbell

    Most of homophobes are latent gay/bi. Korowsky from Glee is a typical example. WE must say that male bisexuality is a ordinary thing, part of the mainstream. Look at many polls! Most men are bi\ bi-curious. We must help to them! And male bisexuality (as mainstream part) will help to us! In Ancient World almost all of guys were bi and the homophobia wasn’t!

  • thematics

    @Max Campbell:
    Televisions shows is featuring not enough bisexuals because of doubled standard! Why not is there bisex man on more programs?

    Russia is good country with excellent educational system. This is why majority women work as bisexual making porn for sleazy straight mens phantasies. Turds!

  • Max Campbell

    Was it a sparkling joke? When do I need to laugh?

  • Steve-O

    It’s going to be Ian from Shameless….

    The counterpart character in the UK version of the series went Bi.

  • tazz602

    “Confirmed Bachelor” – signals that it’s an older gay TV character – not a teenager – so that rules out GLEE and 90210. Has to be single – so no Modern Family fun – sooo – the obvious answer is – Mr Smithers from the Simpsons!!

  • JAW

    I think it is Kevin or Scotty on Brothers and Sisters,,, Both Hot…

    As for the pic in the posting here… yest they normally deal with the person in the blind article… But this could be a ploy to make the Lawyers happy

  • Tim

    It would be extremely unwise for a gay teen character to suddenly become bi. Not a good message to send to youth who may be wondering if they can try to pass as straight. I’d much rather have a new character introduced that, from the beginning, is dealing with being attracted to both sexes. Much less chance of sending kids a mixed message that way.

  • ProfessorVP

    @Cam: I thought I was the only one who noticed. Especially in days gone by, the gay guy was just confused or sick, nothing a good wummin couldn’t cure. If there’s a new male bi on TV now, that’s fine. On TV, there are alien insects under human costumes, identitcal cousins, multi-racial street gangs and all sorts of mythical creatures. Why not?

  • jason

    I think most straight-identifying men are bisexually oriented but won’t admit it. By bisexually oriented, I mean as in covering the spectrum that Kinsey described. It doesn’t necessarily mean equally oriented to both sexes, a position that occupies the mid-point of Kinsey’s spectrum.

    In any case, Max Campbell makes the important point about the female whore who will engage in same-sex activity to please a grubby straight male pervert who absolutely loathes gay guys. These women are traitors in my view.

  • Nicholas


    blaine is in his 20s-30s
    none of the cast in glee is in there teens

  • Jack

    I hate you Glee writers, I hate you soooo much!!!!!

  • Max Campbell

    it’s ok to be bi guy!=)

  • Scott

    “Blaine is the best thing to happen to Gaydom in decades.”

    I disagree. I think Kurt is. He’s played by a gay actor. When he sings those high notes, when he performs Lady Gaga, I get goose bumps. Kurt’s youthful exuberence and hope is very infectious. Many fans of Glee are around his age. He’s a very positive role model and his character is far more fleshed out than Blaine’s. I’d like to see a spin-off where Kurt goes to college and continues growing.

  • Jane

    This had better not be Blaine as a way to pander to tween girls.

    If it is I will strangle a puppy.


  • Patrick

    Ian on the UK version of Shameless has a relationship with a girl…I really hope this is what this is referring to and not to Blaine…

  • Gleek

    If it is Kurt/Blaine from glee, then I have a message to the writers: DON’T RUIN A GOOD THING. Not that being bisexual is awful/horrible. I’m all for bisexuals on TV (Santana/Brittany), but we’ve already seen the whole sexually confused storyline from Kurt/Karofsky. Please do something new. We like where this story is going. Don’t need the same thing over again.

  • Righwingers are sociopaths (John from England)

    @Gleek: It’s BLAINE! Just came out in! You were right guys!

  • DR

    @Righwingers are sociopaths (John from England):

    Yup, bottom of page two, Blaine questions the existence of bisexuality…

    Ryan Murphy is even quoted as saying that it’s his job to keep Blaine and Kurt apart as long as possible, and to treat the relationship like every other one on the show, flawed.

    Ouch. I don’t so much care about the bisexual thing, no big deal to me. I just don’t like some of the emotional torture he imposes on his characters; Kurt has already had two unrequited loves (Finn and, to a lesser extent, Sam), had his truck messed up by Mercedes, a brief fling with Brittany, and his first kiss coming from Karofsy by force.

    How much more torture does he expect Kurt to handle?

  • DJ Randall Ellison

    @McMike: Why would viewers be “pissed off” if he was bi? Please explain how being bi is disgraceful. I would be intrigued to find out why my sexual orientation is bad.


  • DJ Randall Ellison

    @Gleek: You know, it really gets tiring when people always feel the urgency to paint bi as meaning “Sexually confused”. That is NOT the meaning of bi. That is what the last Q in LGBTQQ stands for: “questioning”.

    Bi people are just as confident and proud as gay people. Bi does not mean “sometimes attracted to women, but not really sure about men”. Unless you OPENLY IDENTIFY as bi — then you are NOT bi. Just as you are NOT gay unless you openly identify as gay.

    Being bi is not a game or an experiment, and I really wish people would stop portraying it that way in the media. Unless somebody claims to be bi, then they are NOT BI. So please stop making sexuality a guessing game, and using bi as the catchall for “what you don’t know.” That is a cliche, and a very dated on at that.


  • DJ Randall Ellison

    @jason: The Kinsey spectrum is a fallacy. The very concept of sexuality being bipolar in nature is a myth, and an outrageously stigmatizing one at that. It dismisses sexual attraction based on gender, and enforces stereotypical birth assigned gender roles. I doesn’t even account for pansexuality. It also completely dismisses the paraphilias such as fetishism, exhibitionism, sadomasochism, and so forth. The Kinsey spectrum also suggests the notion that “bi” means half-gay, which severely marginalizes bi as a legitimate sexual orientation.


  • Max Campbell

    DJ Randall Ellison, majority of men are BI. Ancient World is a excellent example of this!

  • Joseph

    Oh for the love of who ever God you praise if any, give it up……just love who you love period End of statement. (oh Kurts no no no Sam no no no Blaine no no no ) is the cute one on Glee btw tried to think of a girls name but im gay sorry ;) not bi so I guess I don’t belong in this discussion

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