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Which Hot Straight (But Gay ‘Experienced’) Actor Wants His New Role Going More ‘Mo?

BLIND ITEMS — 1) “Newbie Vice dude, Brock Rock-Buns, is somewhat of an Awful Truth fixture. His perfectly chiseled bod, impressive hair, and swoon-worthy smile make many of us lust after him, that’s for sure. Brock hit the big time, thanks to his part in a mega successful franchise, and while he has a little Nevis Devine in him (you know, has dabbled with men before but prefers gals), he’s approached those working on his current film to…make his character a little gayer! A source on said project dishes to us that Brock wants ‘more homoerotic scenes’ with his character in the upcoming flick. And we are assured this was not said in a joking matter. Rock-Buns is aware that he’s got a gay and straight fan club, and just wants to give the people equally what they want! Too funny. BRB has definitely teased many of us all sweaty and shirtless before (on and off screen), but is ready to take it to the next mano-a-mano level. Now, we don’t think that means we will be seeing Brock’s character get it on with a guy onscreen (that makes zero sense with his storyline), but Buns has pull, so something naughty is bound to happen. Wonder how Brock’s No. 1 gal pal feels about it all? Hell, she gets to sleep with him on the regular, we really doubt she cares that much.” [Awful Truth]

2) “This British actor known for his diverse range of theater, film and television productions made a cult favorite movie in the 80?s that didn’t do so well in the box office. He revealed recently he once had a sordid, ‘experimental’ affair with a straight actor he worked with on that film. It was a short-lived romantic relationship, but the two remain good friends to this day.” [BlindGossip]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • Electia

    That sucks! That’s all hear about is who gay or lesbian. I don’t care. I and other all real woman(the original meaning)want to see ALL MAN men.Boy! Do I miss that! Enough of hunks that goes both ways.To me they are not hunks anymore they are just there.Politcal Correct is one thing but hey everyone should be able to enjoy t.v..Especially straight need to know there are other (opposites sex) straight out there too.!

  • meego

    @Electia: Um, this is a gay website. I think you’re in the wrong place. Oh, one more thing, fuck off and don’t come back!

  • divkid


    Whatever you just said, I…

    A. Completely agree with you. How concerning. Something must be done. Immediately!
    B. Couldn’t disagree more with you. How concerning. Somthing must be done. Immediately!

    Speak you long the language of english have not you been, young Jedi?

  • Lawrence

    Dammit start guessing and ignore the posts from illiterates!

  • ~R~

    @Electia: what Meego said! Dummy, you are on a gay website! We’re not going to speculate about who’s straight because that would just be lame. Perhaps you should go to a wbsite more suitable to your needs… AFA, perhaps!

  • Jamie

    1) tom hardy?

  • Montemalone

    Finally, Tom Cruise is coming out. Or is it Robert Downey Jr.? or James Franco? They’re all working on movies now…

  • divkid

    1) Some would say, though certainly not Queertys lawyers, that ***THE PHOTO IS ALWAYS THE CLUE***. Some say. Allegedly.

    2)Hmm, this has the smell of Rupert Everett all over it, he WAS the 80s english film industry; or the ubiquitous mckellen; or, long shot, that guy (ostensibly straight) from cult 80’s film Withnail and I.


    @Montemalone: That angry crazed midget will never come out, and at this point who the fcuk cares? He totally lost his looks……………

  • Pygar

    British actor, cult favorite, 80s?
    Hugh Grant – Lair of the White Worm?
    Rupert Graves or James Wilby – Maurice?
    Julian Sands – Siesta, Warlock?
    Daniel Day Lewis – My Beautiful Laundrette?
    Graves, Sands, Lewis – A Room With A View?


    The other? First guess was James Franco, of course. Rock-buns? Scott Caan is a strong contender.

  • Kendall

    I’ll say Daniel Craig for #1. Didn’t he say at one time that he wanted Bond to have a same-sex flirtation? And he’s working on that Dragon Tatoo movie now, I think.

  • Craig

    #1 – Scott Caan? He’s got buns o’ steel, was in the Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 franschise.

  • alan brickman

    this is shameful…nice going…

  • alan brickman

    Scot would be awesome..he’s a great guy who understands..”double sexy”…

  • alan brickman

    Daniel gets “double sexy” too!…

  • alan brickman

    “Love is the Devil” is awesome film..and he was awesome in it…

  • alan brickman

    lots of british actors get it..

  • Todd

    I’m going to go with Hugh Jackman for #1. Mega franchise is X-Men and he’s working on Wolverine right now. It’s why he passed on the Oscar gig again.

  • Andy

    I’d put money on it being Hayden Christensen but I wish it was James Franco.

  • AdonisOfFire

    Kellen Lutz?

  • SallyStruthersMania

    Kellan Lutz is clearly the first one-he always takes his shirt off in public thiugh it could be Taylor Lautner or Hugh Jackman but my first guess would be Kellan. Scott rarely takes his shirt off and isn’t working on a new Ocean’s film.

  • Nickysix

    I’m getting hung up on the “impressive hair” descriptor, and the only one mentioned so far that I would say fits that could be maybe Hugh Jackman, or I guess Franco too actually. But I’m thinking perhaps Bradley Cooper? Hair, bod, smile…successful franchise could be The Hangover.

  • mikey

    Tom Hardy, he’s got gorgeous lips

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