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Which Illinois Heteros Are Going to Bogart The Gays’ New Civil Union Law?


Unlike the United Kingdom’s gays-only civil unions law, Illinois’ about-to-pass legislation is open to heterosexual couples too. Which means that not only are gays there still forbidden from marriage rights, but straights are also welcome to have one of these second-class unions if they so choose. Who does this benefit? Old heteros, who can “remarry” under a civil union without risking the loss of a deceased spouse’s pension. Also: Young heteros, who don’t want to lose their parents’ health insurance benefits but still want to firm up their relationship. Also: Polygamists! Now straights can get married and civil union’d.

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  • FWIW

    Actually, no, straights cannot both get married and civil unioned. Like every other civil union law in existence, the Illinois civil union law prohibits a person already married from entering a civil union.

  • Justin

    Once again, Queerty takes any form of progress forward and shoots it down because it’s not automatic legal gay marriage worldwide. Would you rather have the alternative in Illinois, which is NOTHING?

  • customartist

    There is nothing wrong with telling it like it is.

    Any quirks in the Laws will be ironed out, especially if they affect the Straight Majority, to be sure.

    Thanks Queerty!

    This is STILL ‘Seperate but Equal’.

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